There have been many aspirants to set foot to the dazzling world of glamour and…

There have been many aspirants to set foot to the dazzling world of glamour and neons with an ambition to prosper and be a part of it as producer and director. One such is Shubhanshu Satyadeo who belongs to a family of teachers. Keeping in mind the role of education and its importance in life, an idea struck his mind why not to come up with a film to convey a real message on reel – thus KAKAHARA a film on a rag picker deprived of proper education saw the light of day with the benign blessings from Shri Prahlad Modi, brother of Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.  The regular shoot for the film is yet to commence and things are in diverse phases. AKHILESH PANDEY of Akhil Emaginator is the Co-Producer of the film.

The brainwave behind going in for this meticulous subject on education hammered him while he was very close to kids more particularly the underprivileged and or neglected ones. He has in fact a soft corner for them in his heart and used up a lot of time thinking on this theme and one fine day the idea clacked to go in for the production of the real episode on reel.

Subhanshu Satyadeo1 Subhanshu Satyadeo

KAKAHARA is his maiden project and he goes by it. Few Partners have emerged on the board as Co-producers eventually meaning there is a percentage of sharing in equity of the film. Nevertheless according to Shubhanshu, the IP (Intellectual Property) will remain with him. Shubhanshu Satyadeo mhas also the blessings of Producer Mr. Navin K Agarwal who owns CRAZY BAKERS and is now coming up with a MERAA Detergent Powder & Cake.

On the expectations from the audience from this film on full entertainment or on some rising social issues, though he believes that the audience expect something in terms of a message and entertainment value from a film, he makes it known that films are made to entertain the people, otherwise there is no reason why people have to flock to the cinema halls to watch a film spending money for the ticket. Shubhanshu also deems that it is a magnitude of responsibility as a filmmaker to entertain the people in return but at the same time to come up with a strong message that gives additional flavor and true soul to the film. He also believes that such types of films receive enormous measure of praise from the film critics and excellent response at the box office and keep the cash register ringing.

It is Subhanshu’s eulogization that a film must transform the younger generation, but at the same time feels that there surfaces bundle of expectations like that of a father’s expectation from his child. Obviously, this is a contemporary epoch film to which he has put in hard work to make it entirely relevant,  not only for the kids, but at the same time for the younger generation too embedded with a strong message that will at least make them think a bit more seriously on the raised issues.

On  films getting bigger both in terms of the scale and box office revenues and his view on the Rs.100 crore clubs, Shubhanshu never believes in the 100 crore clubs or into those numbers, but only resolutely believes in giving factual and constructive justice and dedication to the script during the shoot.