Toronto – Ontario And Canada Are Making A Come Back – Stronger Than Ever

Toronto to be the host city for a global leaders’ business summit celebrating the beginning of the end to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19

  • City Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Doug Ford to kick off summit
  • C Vijaykumar, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, HCL Technologies and Ravi Kumar S., President, Infosys, among panellists

Toronto, ON – September 6, 2021 – Toronto Global and the International Economic Forum of the Americas announced that on September 9, 2021, they will co-host a global business summit to celebrate the re-opening of the Canadian and global economies.

Representing the fastest growing urban metropolitan region and tech hub in North America, Toronto Global and its partners are committed to continuing that pace of growth and investment – not only to get back to where the Toronto Region was before the pandemic but to go beyond what has been achieved already. The primary goal is to ensure that the Toronto Region leads the country’s recovery and cements its place as the best location for investment in North America. This come back celebration will be staged live in-person at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto and virtually around the world.

The theme for the event, Stronger Than Ever, is a celebration of the team at Toronto Global and all the partners in the region, in the province and in the country, that are working together to reimagine how to emerge from this pandemic even stronger.

Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Doug Ford will kick off the summit by showcasing how the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario, and Canada are safely re-opening the economy, safely re-opening business, re-igniting business investment and creating new, diverse and inclusive jobs.

This session will be followed by a series of discussions with domestic and global business leaders.

The following have confirmed to date:

Afsaneh Beschloss, Chief Executive Officer, RockCreek

Patrick Pichette, Inovia Partner and Chairman, Twitter

Jen Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Reddit

C Vijayakumar, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, HCL Technologies

Jan De Silva, President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade

Erin Elofson, Head of Pinterest Canada

Ravi Kumar S., President, Infosys

Other domestic and global leaders are being invited to attend virtually, interact with the speakers and hold their own private meetings on business growth opportunities. Business people, students, civil society and the general public are invited to attend. There is no cost. Further information about the Summit, including registration, can be found at


John Tory, Mayor, City of Toronto
“Before the pandemic, Toronto was the fastest growing city in North America – people and businesses were choosing our city to live, work and play. We are determined for that success to continue as the pandemic comes to an end and we reopen and rebuild our economy. I am so confident that Toronto – Canada’s economic engine – will come back stronger than ever. This summit is one of the many ways we are letting the world know that Toronto is the best place in the post-pandemic world to invest and grow your business. I look forward to global business leaders joining us in September.”

Doug Ford, Premier, Province of Ontario
“We are laying the foundation for a strong economic recovery in Ontario by increasing investment opportunities through trade and investment missions to position Ontario as a leader in innovation and technology. Ontario’s deep talent pool, cutting edge innovation ecosystem, and competitive business costs continue to make our province an ideal place for investment and will contribute to building back our economy stronger than ever.”

Stephen Lund, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Global

“This has been a difficult year, no doubt. Difficult for businesses, difficult for front-line workers, difficult for Canadians. However, the enduring confidence of investors in the Toronto Region has remained and we’re very bullish about our opportunities going forward. I’m proud to be leading a team at Toronto Global that has never stopped believing in this region and never stopped driving towards bigger and better.” 

About Toronto Global

Toronto Global’s team of experienced business advisors works to help international companies access the most dynamic and innovative region in the world. We actively seek global companies interested in expanding to the Toronto Region and connect investors with the right opportunities that will facilitate the successful growth of their business.

As an arms-length organization representing the Cities of Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, and the Regional Municipalities of Durham, York, and Halton, we work with our partners in the Ontario and Canadian governments to provide a comprehensive, customized service that allows for a smooth transition for international companies wishing to do business here. Toronto Global is dedicated to understanding our clients’ business needs and delivering tailored, innovative solutions that will set the stage for their success in the Toronto Region.

About IEFA

The International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA) was established in 1994 with the mission of promoting an exchange of views and perspectives on pressing economic issues of our times among world leaders, renowned experts and business executives. The IEFA brings together members of the private, public and academic sectors to facilitate agreements, offer business opportunities and provide access to unique insights from leading specialists.


In its 27 year history the IEFA has grown to become a landmark organization bringing together more than 17,000 participants and over 540 speakers combined under the auspices of four annual conferences: the Conference of Montreal, the Toronto Global Forum, the World Strategic Forum and the Conference of Paris. For more information:

Tutopia Learning App Launches Its First-Ever Theme Song

Tutopia launches a theme song “Tutopia’r Gaan” sung and composed by eminent singers of Bengali Music Industry

[KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL] : Tutopia Learning App, the first ever learning app for the Bengali Medium students of West Bengal Board, has launched a theme song “Tutopia’r Gaan” sung by eminent singersLopamudra Mitra, Nachiketa Chakraborty, Rupankar Bagchi, Iman Chakraborty, Upal Sengupta and Lagnajita Chakraborty on Friday, September 3, 2021 at the Kolkata office of Tutopia Private Limited.

The song written by Rangan Chakraborty and composed by Joy Sarkar, talks about how much fun education can be with “Tutopia Learning App”. The content philosophy of this learning app is “khela’r chholepora” meaning ‘study with fun’ whereby the experienced teachers aim to impart education to the students through story-telling method, using animation and graphics to support the video tutorials.

“Tutopia Learning App” has set its aim to reach out to the students of West Bengal through this song to tell them that now education easier, affordable and fun for the students of Class VIII to Class XI.

“Tutopia Learning App” also  took this opportunity to make this  occasion more memorable by felicitating  Mr. Abhijit Sen, Mr. Buddhadev Ganguly and Mr. Kalyan Sen Barat for their exemplary contribution to the Music Industry.


The tagline of Tutopia – Duniya jei bhaabe pore, aaj bangla’r ghore ghore is self-explanatory, which means, “now Bengal will learn the way the rest of the world learns!“said Tutopia Learning App’s Director Mr. Subrata Roy.

Navin Agarwal Executive Director First Fiddle Demonstrates That Hard Work Is Enough For A Man To Turn His Maybes Into Reality

Navin Agarwal executive director First Fiddle demonstrates that hard work is enough for a man to turn his maybes into reality. The brain behind the high-profile, swanky restaurants- Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer.
Restaurateurs are generally a likeable bunch-flamboyant, well-travelled and smooth-talking people and Navin, is no different. Starting out as the young entrepreneur, he is now the owner and brain behind few of the most famous places for Mumbai dwellers Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer.
Anyone remotely interested in fine living and dining in India will have heard of Navin Agarwal. He has steadily led the gastronomic revolution that has swept the country. His restaurants in Mumbai are as beloved for their cuisine as for their indefinable aura of chic comfort and camaraderie.
Lord of the Drinks, JLWA and Flying Saucer are among the top hotspots that add just enough embellishments for a sliver of uniqueness while sticking to a formula that has made the location “the most talked about happening place” in town.
Lord of the Drinks, commonly known as LOTD, has become one of the most sought-after places in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru & Pune. It is home to the tastiest food and eccentric drinks. The vibe at Lord of the Drinks is distinctly antique, intimate and yet hopping.
Opened in 2019, The Flying Saucer boasts of a brilliant bar & kitchen with an indulgent menu of different global cuisine delights such as Persian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian and American. The interiors are a fusion of class and an old school wooden feel, while a beautiful and cozy rooftop seating area adds to the rustic charm.
JLWA: the name truly defines its glamour and nightlife within one of the most famous party hubs of Mumbai – Bandra. It has a huge space decorated with lots of bulb lights, large glass windows, a comfy couch and a very long bar counter with rustic golden walls. serves Modern Indian and European cuisine. Having a nicely curated menu, they serve both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options. Also, they have different varieties of cocktails and mocktails.
Navin Agarwal’s sterling reputation as an expert entrepreneur is matched only by the enormous warmth and goodwill his name generates among the country’s food-loving elite.

“It is nice to see people stepping out and our properties are buzzing ,all three places have a different feel ,mood and vibe and it has been encouraging to get a superb response from people and happy faces are sight of respite now ,we introducing new elements in food and cocktails  “ says Navin Agarwal.

Actor Man Singh and Priyanka’s suspense horror ‘Intezaar Koi Aane Ko Hai’ going to releasing in cinemas on 10 Sep 2021

Man Singh and Priyanka Singh upcoming suspense horror ” Intezaar Koi Aane Ko Hai” releasing on 10th Sept 2001. Both the actors are very excited about this film and they hope to give lots of love and blessings to this film.

Actor Mansingh will be seen in a different role in this film, before his film “ACID” was released, in which he was seen in the role of Villain, Man singh got a good recognition from his characters which was critically acclaimed.

A song from the same film “Bhoot Bhoot” was released a few days ago on Zee Music, which has become very viral among the audience and is being liked a lot.

Man Singh and Priyanka Singh have high hopes from this film and they hope that the public will give it a lot of love and make it a big hit. Just released a song “Tera Chehra” which has become very popular within a short time and has come on people’s tongue.

Both the actors appeal to the people that people must watch this film on 10 sep 2021 and give lots of blessings and love.

Pr and promotion by DSA Bollywood Channel.

Shabnam Parveen Co-founder Of Nexcinema Conferred With The Award Of Lokmat Women Achievers of Mumbai 2021

नेक्ससिनेमा की कोफॉन्डर शबनम परवीन “लोकमत वीमेन अचीवर्स ऑफ मुम्बई 2021” के अवार्ड से सम्मानित।

नेक्ससिनेमा की   कोफॉन्डर शबनम परवीन फ़िल्म द क्रिस क्रोस डील निर्मित कर  रही हैं। इस को लेकर उन्हें “लोकमत वीमेन अचीवर्स ऑफ मुम्बई 2021” के अवार्ड से नवाजा गया है। बता दें कि इस अवार्ड शो का भव्य आयोजन 3 सितंबर को आई लीफ ग्रैंड बैंक्वेट, वाशी, नवी मुंबई में हुआ था जहां शबनम परवीन को इस पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया गया। यह अवार्ड महिलाओं द्वारा बेस्ट क्रिएटिविटी वर्क के उप्लक्षय में दिया जाता है।

शबनम परवीन ने यह पुरस्कार लेकर कहा कि यह मेरे लिए गर्व की बात है कि मुझे “लोकमत वीमेन अचीवर्स ऑफ मुम्बई 2021” के अवार्ड से नवाजा गया। मैं इसके लिए लोकमत की पूरी टीम, सभी आयोजकों और अवार्ड के ज्यूरी सदस्यों का दिल से आभार व्यक्त करती हूं।

शबनम परवीन डीजिटल क्षेत्र में काफी माहिर वीमेन हैं जो नेक्सटजेन इनव्हेनटिव इन्फॉर्मेशन टेक्नोलॉजी प्राइवेट लिमिटेड की सह संस्थापिका और प्रेसिडेंट हैं।

उनकी जन्मभूमि झरखण्ड और कर्मभूमि महाराष्ट्र है। झरखण्ड में ही उन्होंने शिक्षा ग्रहण की और एक   सामान्य मध्यम वर्गीय परिवार की शबनम परवीन ने अपनी मेहनत प्रतिभा के बल पर एक व्यवसायी बनकर दिखाया है। वह एमबीए की डिग्री महाराष्ट्रा पुणे से पूरी की हैं और दसवीं क्लास से ही अर्निंग कर रही है फ्रॉम वेरियर सेक्टर में।


डिजिटल वीमेन सहित उन्हें कई पुरुस्कारों से सम्मानित किया जा चुका है।

Bollywood Singer Altamash Faridi’s New Music Video Galat Fehmi’s Poster Out Song Is Coming Soon

Love often creates “misunderstandings” and that affects the relationship. Shujay Records’ new music video “Galat Fehmi” is based on this concept. The poster of this music video starring Deepak Joshi, Akriti Agarwal and Yash Pal Singh has been released which is getting a great response on social media. This song is releasing soon.

Let us tell you that Deepak Joshi, who is featuring in this video, has 2.4 million followers on Instagram and the views of each of his videos go in millions.

Yash Pal Singh is a social media influencer.

This song is sung by Bollywood’s famous singer Altamash Faridi. He has sung super hit songs in Hindi movies like Altamash Faridi sang the song “Ek Mulaqat” in Ayushmann Khurrana starrer “Dream Girl”. Sang “Jeena Marna” song in Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal starrer film “Do Lafzon Ki Kahani” which became a super hit.

Chotu Lohar is the choreographer of the music video “Galat fehmi” who is famous for “Dance India Dance” and the film “ABCD”. Galat Fehmi is produced by Shubham Singh and video director Jagesh Singh. Its lyricist and music composer is Yodha Singh. Mix Master and Arranger is Golu Gagan, DOP Parvez Pathan and Digital Head Vicky Yadav.

The poster of the song also tells the story of the video. In which Deepak Joshi and Yash Pal Singh are looking at Akriti Agarwal in surprise, Akriti is also confused as to who has caused the misunderstanding. To know the full story, you have to watch its video song which will be released soon on the official YouTube channel of Shujay Records.


Grand Launching Of New OTT App Apex Prime In Mumbai

नए ओटीटी ऐप “एपेक्स प्राइम” की मुम्बई में हुई ग्रैंड लांचिंग

ओटीटी हेड सौम्यता दास का दिखा उत्साह, 2 वेब सीरीज, 1 रियलिटी शो और 1 शार्ट फ़िल्म का पोस्टर भी हुआ लांच

आजकल ओटीटी का ज़माना है ऐसे में आज मुम्बई के रेड बल्ब में एक अलग सोच के साथ नए ओटीटी “एपेक्स प्राइम” की लांचिंग की गई। ओटीटी हेड सौम्यता दास के इस ओटीटी की शानदार लांचिंग के अवसर पर 4 वेब सीरीज के पोस्टर भी लांच किए गए, जहां मीडियाकर्मियों की भी काफी संख्या मौजूद थी। यहां रिद्धिमा तिवारी, मृणाल देशराज, श्वेता सिन्हा, एक्टर शिवा रिदानी, पूर्ति आर्या, ऎक्ट्रेस श्वेता खंडूरी, अमित पचोरी और बिग बॉस 9 फेम कंवलजीत सिंह सहित कई सेलेब्रिटीज़ गेस्ट के रूप में हाजिर थे।

सभी मेहमानों ने सौम्यता दास और पारस मदान को एपेक्स प्राइम के लिए ढेर सारी बधाई दी और इसकी कामयाबी की शुभकामनाएं दीं। आपको बता दें कि आनंद शर्मा इस ओटीटी के बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्टर हैं, जबकि सौम्यता दास ओटीटी हेड और पारस मदान बिज़नस ऑपरेटिंग ऑफिसर हैं।

यहां मीडिया से बात करते हुए सौम्यता दास ने बताया कि एपेक्स प्राइम वाकई एक अलग किस्म के कंटेंट वाला ओटिटी प्लेटफॉर्म है जहां डिफेरेंट टाइप की वेब सीरीज देखने को मिलेगी।

वहीं पारस मदान ने बताया कि हम यह ओटीटी एक अलग सोच लेकर आए हैं। इस के किसी भी कंटेंट मे कोई बोल्ड सीन नहीं होगा, न ही कोई ऐसा दृश्य होगा जिसे परिवार के साथ देखने मे एतराज हो।

सबसे पहले यहां वेब सीरिज “साइबर सिंघम” का पोस्टर लांच किया गया। इसमें मयूर मेहता ने त्रिवेणी सिंह का रोल किया है। रियल इंसिडेंट्स से इंस्पायर यह एक शानदार सीरीज है। बता दें कि प्रोफेसर त्रिवेणी सिंह, आईपीएस फ़िलहाल उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस के साइबर क्राइम में एसपी के रूप में पोस्टेड हैं। साइबर क्राइम की जांच पर आधारित उन्होंने एक किताब भी लिखी “हिडेन फाइल्स”। साइबर क्राइम के उन्होंने बहुत सारे उलझे हुए मामलों को सॉल्व किया और उनके द्वारा सुलझाए गए उन्हीं केस में से कुछ सच्ची कहानियों को साइबर सिंघम में पेश किया जाएगा। सच्ची साइबर अपराध की घटनाओं पर आधारित सीरीज साइबर सिंघम के निर्देशक अविनाश गर्ग हैं। इसे वर्चस्व मीडिया प्राइवेट लिमिटेड द्वारा प्रोड्युस किया गया है। रियल लाइफ स्टोरीज़ को रुट64 इंफोसेक रिसर्च फाउंडेशन की मदद से वेब सीरीज के रूप में पेश किया गया है। वेब सीरीज का नॉलेज पार्टनर फ्यूचर क्राइम रिसर्च फाउंडेशन और मीडिया पार्टनर है।

इस मौके पर दूसरी वेब सीरीज लॉटरी का पोस्टर लांच किया गया जिसमें शिवा मुख्य किरदार में हैं जो बॉलीवुड की ढेरों फिल्मो में खलनायक के रूप में काम कर चुके हैं। इस फ़िल्म में भी उनका नकारात्मक किरदार है। शिवा ने कहा कि ऐसा कंटेंट किसी ओटीटी पर नही आया है। “लाटरी” स्लम की स्टोरी है। कूड़ा चुनने वाले की कहानी है। इसकी शूटिंग लखनऊ में की गई है। इस रोल को करने के लिए मैं कई दिनों तक नहाया नहीं था।

वहीं एपेक्स प्राइम के तीसरे शो परफेक्ट कपल (रियलिटी शो) पोस्टर लांच किया गया जो एक डिफ्रेंट शो है। यूनिक कहानी है। कश्मीर में इसका शूट हुआ है।

इस लांच के अवसर पर एक शार्ट फ़िल्म हनीमून डिवोर्स का पोस्टर लांच किया गया और इसका ट्रेलर भी दिखाया गया जो सभी को बेहद पसंद आया। इसमें सौम्यता दास और पारस मदान ने एक्टिंग भी की है।


सौम्यता ने बताया कि लॉक डाउन की वजह से हम दोनों ने इस शार्ट फ़िल्म में अभिनय कर लिया। यह एक अलग सब्जेक्ट पर बनी शार्ट फ़िल्म है। इसकी कहानी आम आदमी और रोज़ की जिंदगी से जुड़ी हुई है।

———–Fame Media (Wasim Siddique)