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Zeisha Nancy Beauty with Brain

The combination of beauty and brain always works, especially in the world of show business and Bollywood is the best place where if a person posses such qualities, specially actress half the battle is won and Zeisha Nancy is the recent example who is not merely talented, but has a charming and graceful personality.

Hailing from upcountry, Zeisha is an integral  artist, who has fully trained herself afore joining film industry and knows horse riding, dancing, Tennis, Blackbelt, Rollar Skatter, driving and also she’s good a biker.

Apart from the upper mentioned activities, Zeisha has a flair for writing poetry and love stories and her hobby is to play brain games and indoor games chess.


Besides these qualities, Zeisha is extremely good-looking, educated and can speak in number of languages with ease, which is also a plus point for an artist. Likewise, Zeisha is a singer and classical-western dancer and stage performer too.

Like many others, Zeisha’s career began with Ramp shows, print shoots and then she got a break in regional cinema, where she is a known name today.

A self made woman ,Zeisha has no Godfather or mentor to teach or guide her in the industry and whatever assignments she has received is because of her caliber. She only believes in the supreme power of God.

In the beginning of her career, Zeisha has acted in  regional language movies with top stars of South industry, which helped her to make an entry into Bollywood industry.

Zeisha made her debut in Bollywood in Rajnish Duggal & Sunny Leone starrer Beimaan Love, produced and directed by Rajeev Chaudary. She played a parallel role opposite the leading pair never the less,  Zeisha’s work got appreciation from media as well as media.

Acting is her passion and the talented actress is ready to portray variety of roles, whether it’s glamorous or something else, bottom line  is that it should have substance which can help her to educed the hidden actor in her. She merely doesn’t want to be a glam doll or be seen as a showpiece,  just to add the extra pinch of required glamour to a scene or a movie. Zeisha is interested in doing meaningful cinema.

Though she has some projects in the pipeline, but the actress is waiting for the right script to come her way which can give her job satisfaction, so that audience can judge her acting potentials.


फिल्म असोसिएशन के इतिहास मे कभी ऐसा इलेक्शन नही हूआ जो 15ऑगस्त 2018 को अधेरी  वीरा देसाई रोड की MVM स्कुल मे होनेजारहा है।

इफटडा के इस इलेक्शन की तैयारी लोकसभा इलेक्शन से कम नही लग रही है।सोशल मीडिया  पर हर तरफ इस इलेक्शन की चर्चा होरही है।अशोक पंडित ग्रुप के लिए  फिल्म इन्डस्ट्री के नामचीन  डायरेक्टर सोशल मीडिया पर वोट की अपील कररहे है।दादासाहेब फाळके फिल्म फॉन्डेशन अवार्ड के अध्यक्ष  आशफाक खोपेकर के लेख अशोक पंडित ग्रुप के पक्ष मे सोशल मीडिया मे छाए हुए है।आशफाक खोपेकर ने अशोक पंडित ग्रुप के इफटडा मेम्बरो के हीत मे किये कामो का ब्योरा पेश करने साथ अपोजिशन ने कियेसारे कालेकारनामो के बारे मे लिखकर इफटडा मेम्बरो को जागरुक करने का काम  किया है।

अशोक पंडित ग्रुप की ओर से  इन 24 डायरेक्टरो का पॅनल है।

Ashoke Pandit-President [Ballot No. 1]

Rajkumar R Pandey-Sr Vice President [Ballot No. 1]

Jagdish A Sharma (Munna Bhai)- Vice President [Ballot No..1]

Sudhakar Sharma-Treasurer [Ballot No..2]

Kuku Kohli-Secretary General [Ballot No.1]

Ajit Srivastava-Joint Secretary [Ballot No. 2]

Aslam Sheikh-Joint Secretary [Ballot No. 3]

Ballee Grover-Joint Secretary [Ballot No.4]

Director’s Category-

Baljeet Kumar Rall (Billuji)-  [Ballot No. 4]

Jiten Purohit-  [Ballot No. 6] Mehul Kumar- [Ballot No. 7] Priyanka Ghatak- [Ballot No. 9] Ramnesh Puri-  [Ballot No. 12] Sunil Bohra-  [Ballot No. 15] Swapna Waghmare Joshi-  [Ballot No. 17]

Thakur Tapasvi-  [Ballot No. 18*

Assistant Director’s Category—-

Abhishek Kumar-  [Ballot No. 1] Anupama D Pathak-  [Ballot No. 3] Imple Ahuja-  [Ballot No. 4] Kaushal Meshram-  [Ballot No. 5] Manish Kumar Singh-  [Ballot No. 7] Mohd Rafi Khan-  [Ballot No. 8] Priya Kumari-  [Ballot No. 11] Thakur Akhilesh Awdhesh Singh-  Ballot No. 14]

15th AUG 2018 – From 9 am to 6pm

Venue: MVM Educational Campus, Opp. Laxmi Narayan Temple, Veera Desai, Andheri (W), MUM-58

इफटडा आज डायरेक्टरो के हित के मेडिकल हेल्प,डायरेक्टरो के डीसप्युट मिटाना और मास्टर क्लास जैसे  कई  कम कररही है जिसका शेर्य अशोक पंडित ग्रुप को जाता है। इसी की बदौलत आज के माहौल मे मुम्बई के सारे स्टुडियो मे और फिल्म के  दफ्तरो मे एक ही ग्रूप की चर्चा चलरही है “अशोक पंडित ग्रुप”।

शुभकामना के साथ इफटडा मेम्बरो के लिए संदेश ।

Hritika Singh One More Ravishing Face To Capture Bollywood From South

Bollywood is well aware of actor Hritik Roshan who is ruling the industry, due to his immense talent and dashing personality and now a promising talent Hritika Singh is ready to conquer Hindi film industry rapidly.

Hailing from South film Industry, Hritika is a new entrant in Bollywood, but her portfolio evince that she is going to list her name in the caboodle of top actress of Bollywood, due to her skill, dedication, hard-work and extra-ordinary looks.

Mumbai based Hritika Singh is a younger sister of actress-producer Hiya Singh whom she deems her Godmother and has guide her on a roller-coaster path of film industry and face the toughest circumstances which occurs in every fresheners career.

Furthermore, Hritika has also con the ropes of acting, diction and various necessary aspects of training from Hiya Singh’s acting school in order to become an integral actress.


Hritika started her film journey with a Telugu movie, Prayatnam which will hit the screens shortly. The entire film was shot in Vishakhapatnam. Including artists, producer and director of the movie are also newcomers. Not with standing, the film has shaped up very well and Hritika is confident that it will be a great success.

When Hritika was asked about her marriage she answered ‘Presently my  criterion is on my career, and work is everything for me, my husband and boyfriend. I can’t think of anything else right now as my career has just begun  and I want to concentrate on it. she reveals’.

The trade report of Prayatnam is hot in the market, consequently, Hritika has been approached by couple of Bollywood producers and no doubt very soon Hritika will be seen in Hindi film as she loves to play all kind if characters specially action ones.

” Hritika says, whatever I am today and whatever I am going to be tomorrow, credit goes to my beloved sister who has been a friend, philosopher and inspiration.

Roopesh Rai Sikand A Visualizer Par Excellence

A film for a director is a canvas of his imagination and vision right from scripting, selection of artist, technicians, music, editing and so on. He gives life to his imagination on the Silver screen.

Roopesh Rai Sikand, a tall, handsome dynamic personality was born and brought up in a well cultured & educated family in Delhi. Post his graduation he started his career at the age of 19 with ad commercials, documentaries, fillers followed by TV serials, Music videos and feature films. By the time he was 22, he was blessed with three honors which consolidated his confidence to move ahead in the said profession.

Presently, Roopesh has become talk of the nation for his heart-touching short film titled UNFIT. This subject is unique being based on the life of a Eunuch. This is his dream project as the motive here is not only to make a film but to create awareness in people and generate ampathy and kindness towards the sad life of Eunuchs, and to gradually create a difference in their lives. Roopesh said ‘It’s not a film for me. It’s my first step towards a move in the interests of this segment of our society’. He also said, this film doesn’t focus on entertainment. It’s a sheer message to the masses to ampathise and accept Eunuchs with respect and allow them some breathing space.

UNFIT revolves around the struggle and success of a Eunuch from Rajasthan who leaves the city, due to ill-treatment of his father as well as society and comes to Bollywood in Mumbai to become a successful dancer. He looses his adolescence with no choice, facing number of difficulties but does turn successful with a smile on his face and tears in eyes.

Though the title of the movie is Unfit, it is the best fitted title  for this film, according to the script.

Through cinema, Roopesh wants the audience to realize and sense the various dimension of the society and wants them to observe the optimistic aspects of life through his vision. Roopesh believes that cinema is one of the most powerful medium which offers audience the glimpse of this versatile world through the ingenious vision of the director.

Roopesh has numerable projects to his credit which comprises direction for fillers, Tele-films, Tele-serials, TV commercials, documentaries, Music videos and Feature Films.

He has achieved various milestone in his prolific career through constant dedication and hard-work and the inborn spirit which drives him through ups and downs of life.

He has made an outstanding presence on silver screen with his film Canada Di Flight,  featuring Yuvraj Hans and Navraj Hans, the sons of legendary Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans. The film has been released and appreciated both in India and abroad. His next project is  Gang of Sher Ali.

The day is not far when he will be listed amongst the top notch producers-directors of the world.



Sleeper Hit of the year! RedruM – rakes in 1.50crore opening weekend

While many may not have even heard of the film due to its low key publicity but as the box office reports stand as of now – the film has raked in over 1.50 crore in its opening weekend.

To be honest 1.50 crore weekend may seem a humble number when it comes to the big world of Bollywood but for a film made under a budget of just 90 odd Lacs – its a 100% profit in just three days.

Producers – Durgesh Paul & Varun Bhilwara – look relaxed but were somehow confident of the film’s success. Young producer Varun claims that they had marketed the film in a niche manner and they knew that the undercurrent which the film had was tremendous.

“Rather than focusing and exhausting our budgets in Tier – 1 cities we pivoted and focused primarily to promote our film in Tier -2 and Tier -3 markets. Posters were strategically flooded in those areas and we booked most of our theaters there. We focused even more on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities during the digital marketing phase and we believe that was most effective.  We were lucky that we partnered with Vkaao as well for Tier – 1 through which we got an exclusive PvR release and thus could make some currents in the big Delhi – Bombay circuits as well” – says Producer Varun Bhilwara

He further added – “Teaming with Paul sir was a blessing and he had the same vision as mine. We look forward to collaborate in the future as well. In fact, we target to release our next film in May 2019. We will make announcements for the same by November this year.  “

The director duo of the film Dhruv Sachdev & Sourabh Bali stands ecstatic.

“We have nothing to add, the response has been great and we are truly humbled.” – say the director duo

Here’s wishing all the luck to this team for the future.

Sheque Mrs India 2018 Is Going To Happen Under Kantha Entertainment – Auditions held in the Mercedes Show Room in Mumbai

Nowadays married women are getting a chance to participate in the Beauty Contest. This step has been taken by Babita Verma and his son Karan Singh Prince, who is organising “Sheque Mrs India 2018 Under his company Kantha Entertainment. The Audition held for this beauty contest in Mercedes show room located in SantaCruz, Mumbai, where dozens of women won the hearts of people by their talent and their Confidence. Let me tell you that Karan Singh Prince is the Vice President of Mumbai NCP (Youth).

Many social work has been done by Karan Singh, who has been working as the young leader in NCP for many years, for the benefit of the people who have been appointed for the post of Vice President. He is the owner of Kantha Entertainment, produced some shows. On the occasion of the audition, Karan Singh Prince said that he is also a director of Kantha Entertainment.


“My mother Babita Verma is also the director of this company, Priyanka Paul, Mrs. Universe, 2017 is with us, Anjali Rajput Mrs. Asia Universe is also a director of the company.  “Sheque Mrs India 2018 is a new project of Kantha. The uniqueness of this Mrs. India contest is that their winner will get a name in India, the winner of this contest will get a chance to do a music video. The album will be release by a big music company, which will be produced by Kantha Entertainment. The winner will get the good promotion for three months.”

Karan Singh Prince further stated that ‘Our association is with some big brands, so the winner of Mrs. India will be linked to that brand. Any promotional activity, related to that brand will be included the winner. Like in the Mercedes show room in Mumbai the audition held. For this we have auditioned across India, in Mumbai we had already auditioned once but we had so many contests that we had to audition again in Mumbai and its response was very good. There were more than two dozen women here. The final will be held in Jaipur from September 25th to September 30th. In the 5-day finale we will take 60 contestants from all over the country, there are two groups in it. In a group, women aged 35 to 60 and up to the age of 35 there will be other group. There will be 30-30 competitors from both age groups. Those 60 contestants will be given 5 days, and one day will be final.”

Karan Singh Prince further said that our goal is that we will give the work for 10 women in total. My motto is that Mrs. india should not be misguided. Married women have their responsibilities of their husband and children and participating in this kind of contest is not a easy job, if they do not get anything then they feel very bad. “

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