Shalini Pandey, a popular Film actress marked her singing debut with the very special Chhath Puja Geet Song

Shalini Pandey, a popular Film actress marked her singing debut with the very special Chhath Puja Geet Song on the auspicious occasion of Chhath today. The video is out now and has been getting a tremendous response online.

Talking about her experience shooting the video she says, “It was a great experience for me. Since I am an actress so i had to regulate my weight for the video. It was a smooth process. I am glad that on this festive occasion, my first music single is out. It is a great feeling.”

Shalini always aspired to become a singer since childhood but happened to be an actor to begin her career in the industry. She said, “I always wanted to become a singer since I was a kid but since I am not a trained singer so television happened to me.” “This is my singing debut and I look forward to playback more often in films but things aren’t in my hands as of now,” she adds.

When prodded about her upcoming projects, she didn’t reveal much about it, she says, “I have film projects in my kitty but I can’t talk much about it.”

On 3 years of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, taking forward 71 years of legacy, Rajshri Productions announces new film Hum Chaar in a unique way

Founded by the late Shri. Tarachand Barjatya, Rajshri Productions started its journey in 1947.

Whenever we think of Rajshri films, a trail of nostalgic family bonding scenarios take us down the memory lane, that’s the impact of cinema Rajshri Productions has left on its viewers. To understand one’s audience and building a legacy by adding generations to it for 71 years isn’t a cake walk, however Rajshri Productions has been doing that with ease and is now all set to add another emotion to its brand.

Carrying forward the legacy , On the 3 year celebration of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo they are all set to announce their new film, ‘Hum Chaar’, The film is based on friendship and with Rajshri’s philosophy of ‘family first’ ,a new phenomenon that ‘friends are family too’ gets introduced in Indian Cinema.

In a very warm and unique way Rajshri Productions introduced ‘Hum Chaar’ to their audiences, with a series and sequences of their previous hits in a video.

The video’s theme revolves around family and love, with scenes & dialogues from their greatest hits and with a branched message,  ‘friends are family too’.

Hum Chaar explores the idea that in a world where families are nuclear and joint families are rarely seen, friends become family too.

Rajshri Productions is one of the pioneers in Indian cinema and has been around since India got it’s independence, hence it has always held Indian values and bonds in its films. Having said that it has always been evolving with time and each film has had the essence of present speaking volumes of the Indian culture and values.

From 1989, under the direction of Sooraj R. Barjatya, Rajshri became the trendsetter for a whole generation with  films like ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ – a simple teenage romance – which was the biggest hit of the year and went on to win six Filmfare awards; ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!’ – a film that managed to rewrite history by being the highest grossing film of all time in Indian cinema and started the trend of glamorous musicals in India . ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ is still considered the quintessential family film across all the generations, it was one of the biggest star cast ensembles of it’s time. ‘Vivaah’ is lauded for being one of the most simple and yet profound romances till date. ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ marks the return of superstar Salman Khan’s most beloved character – Prem and holds the record of being in the top five bracket of opening day collections.

Rajshri has enjoyed a special place in the hearts of Indian audiences for seven decades by exploring new avenues and laying the groundwork in the entertainment industry while being rooted in the philosophies of promoting good and wholesome cinema, music and TV serials. Rajshri has always supported new talent and has been a launching pad for many famous actors, directors, music directors, singers, producers and cinematographers.

Hum Chaar, Rajshri’s 58th production is slated to release in Early 2019.

Sandip Soparrkar making acting debut – I AM NOT PORNSTAR NAZAR SAMBHAL KE

It was an enthralling moment at, World Film Festival/Art world 4 Peace Award, Los Angeles when the Producer, Chanda Patel presented the poster of her film, “I am not a Porn Star Nazar Sambhal Ke” (…mind your gaze). The Extraordinary look and feel with extra ordinary title that says, “mind your gaze” actually attracted the entire eye ball at the foreign land and that too during the grand finale function of the event.

The film has unique cast with Sandip Soparrkar playing the lead role along with new comers. The concept as brief by the producer, Chanda Patel who was unwilling to ‘speak all’ but yet informed that, “the film is about youth and it is about the transition that a relationship goes through and about verity of age group going through a transition.”

It was all glee on the face of Sandip Soparrkar, who stated that, “as my first film in a prominent role it was difficult to choose this film as the ‘one film’ where I could try my knack for acting but, not only by the title that he was mesmerised but the way the script takes the journey in the heart of the heart and play in the greys that we go through while in a relationship.”

“The life cycle of a movie usually ends on Monday after it comes out, to a producer like us working in a film industry it’s all a dream, but when your title and poster makes all inquisitive about your film it is surely a work is half done if the start is good,” said Chanda Patel who was instantaneously at the centre of attraction at the film festival.

Written and to be directed by, Jainendra Baxi said that, “a film having a clarity about promotion and business in contemporary time and prevailing pattern in the movie business the posters is the first introduction other than anything.” Jainendra Baxi goes on to allude about the concept of the film, “at a certain point, it’s actually splitting hairs when you serve a motion picture story about relationship since everyone has a point of view to look at, others. But not to forget that, if we can forgive ourselves why cannot we forgive other?”

To ingest movies in a different way today, this is one film that is not only different with the title but successfully positioned itself at a plethora to catch the eye ball.  The shooting of the film starts in December and to be released in the mid of next year all over the world.

——–Pigeon Media(Abhishek Dubey PRO)

Malaysia-based Orange County Sdn Bhd Joins The Fourth Edition Of Indywood Film Carnival

As the film fraternity prepares for yet another edition of Indywood Film Carnival, the movie extravaganza, we now have Malaysia- based Orange County Sdn Bhd , signing up with Indywood for a healthy sponsorship of the Investors’ Meet.

Through this unique sponsorship, Orange County, the Global New-Age Technology & Media Company is making its entry to Indian movie industry. The  N-Face® Facial Motion Animation Technology, which is being considered as one of the finest technology, is able to Photo-Realistically bring back any Deceased Actor Live on screen. Further, the company has devised numerous workflows for production & VFX pipelines employing State of the Art  Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies & the latest advents of engineering to credibly reduce the gestation involved in Producing Feature Films. Being a part of Indywood Film Carnival, Orange County would associate with various productions in the near future.

Besides, this alliance would open up enormous opportunities in the Multimedia and Animation sector. The specialized team of multimedia experts can create  market-specific creative multimedia training courses to cater the latest technologies to the  exploding market. The Hollywood-grade advanced Visual Effects techniques will form the crux of these various courses being developed to enrich potential students to jump straight into professional Creative Multimedia Production ranging from Commercials to  Feature Film content.

The event would also witness the official launch of the Teaser from Orange County’s upcoming movie which is the Photo-Realistic Digital Re-creation of MGR in a full-length Feature Film. Orange County would also be honoured on the dias with an Award in the Best Innovation Category in Indywood Film Carnival.

Orange County Sdn Bhd 

Orange County Sdn Bhd is a Global New- Age Technology & Media Company which has mustered the nuances of Film-Making from Concept till the rollout of Final Deliverables. The Company has embarked on a World’s 1st Showcase in Producing an International Feature Film earmarked for Global Release centered on the end to end Photo-Realistic Digital Re-creation of a Deceased Actor. The Company has created a leading- edge Solution in  digitially creating & personalising the  character attributes of any chosen Actor to take on a Photo-Realistic Digital Avatar in Motion Pictures.

Neha Das Actress Model Exclusive Interview

Neha Das A Talent From Jharkhand Is On Verge Of Carving Her Mark In Bollywood

The soil of Jharkhand has given many precious personality to our country,  Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra are some remarkable examples.

Neha Das hails from Jharkhand and her home town is in Dhanbad, Neha started her career with doing College theatre at P.K Roy College of Vinoba Bhave University. Although she couldn’t complete her graduation due to professional commitment. Neha did ramp shows in Mumbai, for some leading designers.


Soon after she was lucky to get project starting with Chandranandani playing role of Dasi, telecasted on Star Plus, after that she got the oppurtunity to work in Muskaan playing the role of a nurse on Star Bharat and the third project she worked was Teri Galliyan, playing the role of nurse here as well on Zee Tv, She also got the oppurtunity to walk the ramp in Jaipur. Right now she is shooting for her film Jaan Abhi Baaki Hain, Neha Das has her mother Shova Das who is a teacher by profession, dad Shankar Das doing private job and brother Saurabh Das in family. Neha Das has got some interesting project in pipeline for which she is excited.

With her zeal and entusiasm and hard working spirit Neha Das would definitely make a mark in Bollywood.


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