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22 Days Review By Our Critic

Film : 22 Days

Banner: QatreBornes Film

Production, D S Film Entertainment

Producer: Adhir S. Gunness

Director: Shiivam Tiwari

Music: Parivesh Singh

The Story

Mauritian tycoon Vishal Shivratan (Shiivam Tiwari) is aiming for the top slot and joins hands with Omitino Zaprio (Rahul Dev). Vishal’s wife aditi (Kritika Mishra) is a doting wife. Aditi’s best friend Jenny (Sophia Singh) seduces Vishal. Vishal’s business thrives and he finally replaces Omtino as the top gun. But Vishal faces bankruptcy after being cheated. By now, Aditi has filed for a divorce. Vishal’s loyal secretary Sonal (Kriti Chaudhary) finally saves him.


The film has been tailor made to showcase the talent out of Shivam Tiwari, both as an actor and also as director. Performancewise, Shivam Tiwari takes the cake. Next best is Rahul Dev. Kritika Mishra and Sophia Singh add the glamour appeal and are also good in their respective roles. Rajkumar Kanojia and Hemant Pandey are good. The rest are adequate. The film’s music is the biggest pluspoint. All songs have been tuned very well and also picturised with painstaking effort. The three best songs are ‘Elahi’, rendered by Palak Mucchal, filmed on Vishal and Aditi, second best being ‘Black Magic’, filmed on Aditya Narayan who also has taken part on the song, third being ‘Mehfooz’, rendered by Ankit Tiwari. The other two songs ‘Khaali Sa Hoon’ and ‘Madhoshiyaan’, are also very enjoyable. The director explores the natural beauty of Mauritius. Camerawork (Kamal Chaurasia, Arvind Singh) is outstanding. Editing (Nagendra Yadav) is crisp. Production and technical values are of high standard. The publicity was very good with aggressive marketing and promotion.



Banner: Bajarang Balaji Films Production

Producer: Gundappa Suresh Devkar

Director: Raju Sansare

Music: Anuradha-Akshay, M. Deepak


The film depicts the love story of Surya( Suryakant Devkar) and Mehrunisa( Riddhi Ghodke) who meet in unusual circumstances and fall in love . But the society does not allow their love to blossom. How the two lovers meet again and renunite is told in the climax.


The film has been written well by Gundappa Suresh Devkar and also the dialogue are meaningful in many places.The songs are melodious and are the main stay of the film.The film has the ususal romance, conflicts of elders and the youth,comedy, action and a dose of horror too to please the masses more than the classes. Direction by Raju Sansare is good. Musically,( Anirudha-Akshay and M. Deepak) earpleasing although the songs haven’t been promoted well. Performancewise. Suryakant Devkar does very well. Riddhi Ghodke exudes glamour in every frame and is very promising. Kadambari Bankar and Raju Sansare are fair. Production and technical values are good. The publicity was fair.

At the box-office, the film is meant for smaller centres only.

Candid Review of Hari Mehrotra’s ambitious film VIRAAM

Producers: Hari Mehrotra.. Director: Ziaullah Khan..Music: Siddhant Madhav

Banner: M Media Magic


An ageing widower businessman Abhiraj Malhotra ( Narendra Jha )  is seeking to fulfil his departed wife’s last wish of building a multi-speciality hospital in Dehradun.  Abhiraj’s chance encounter with a young, seemingly destitute runaway woman Mahtun (Urmila Mahanta) from Purulia, Orissa, who Abhiraj promptly hires as his servant. Mahtun also makes delicious food for Abhiraj and finally loves him too and reaches his bedroom. They make love but Abhiraj  feels guilty about it . Mahtun now  wants their relationship to be out in the open. What happens later forms the crux of the story.


The film’s script(Abdullah Khn) has been written in the style of the eighties and the dialogue also appears to have heard in umpteen family dramas of the past as they are  being re-served in a modern-day context and it feels distinctly unpleasant. The climax is a letdown once Abhiraj is shown dead and also the film shows Mahtun in a bad shade which may not be digested by many. Performancesie, Narendra Jha is very good. Urmila Mahanta acts brilliantly and she needs bigger makers to prove her talent. Annapurna Bhairi is good as Laxmi , the caretaker of Abhiraj. Zaid Shaikh,Satish Sharma,Sanjay Verma and Tripurari Yadav lend good support. Musically, singer Tripty Sinha has lent two very good numbers, one being a devotional while the other a romantic one and also they are equally well written by Azeem Shirazi. Camerawork( Jojny Laal) is heavenly and Dehradun  locales never looked so beautiful till date. Also the glimpses of Mussourie and Hrishikesh are enchanting. Editing( Ashish Gaikar) is crisp. Production and technical values are good. The publiicty was good.

At the box-office, the film has merits for the ladies  specially and it may be patronised in select cinemas of U.P. mainly where the film has been shot while business in other territories will make the investors happy..!



Phir Aaya Satte Pe Satta Movie Review

Review By Luckky Sethi




CAST : kumar rajesh , sanaya singh, aniruddh Sharma, omkar das manikpuri, biswajeet chatterjee, rana jung bahadur and  rishabh raj

DIRECTION  : rajesh mittal

Distribution : mittal advertising and distribution

GENRE : romantic/thriller

DURATION : 2  hours 13 minutes
Story – in the valleys of nainital dev Malhotra lives with his six brothers lalya, peelya, kalya,dhuriya,harya and bhurya . They are  uneducated and illiterate , dev falls in love with puja who is a widow and convinces her to marry him without listening her past life story, puja lives happily  with dev, she educates and civilizes devs six brothers , one day his past husband whom she loved the most suddenly comes Infront of him , now whether she lives with dev or Dr virendra kundra is the  twist of entire movie .six brothers fall in love with six girls , songs, action, fight, drama, comedy , suspense all in one .

Review : this movie is a must watch for all bollywood lovers who loves cinemas of 70s, it has very good music, movie contains all elements required in a movie to be a complete entertainment , action, comedy , romance , drama, music . udit narayan , asha bhonsle , nitin mukesh they again proved with their melodious voice that old is gold , those who still love movies of 70s must watch this movie

The main catch of this movie is nattha ( omkar das manikpuri ) whom everyone remembers as nattha from peepli live movie of aamir khan productions, for the first time he is doing comedy and he looks brilliant ,

People who still loves movies of 70s will love this movie , it has action drama comedy romance suspense Everything , it’s a full entertainment masala movie .

This movie is not for those who prefer watching Hollywood movies , to watch this movie leave ur brain at home come with open mind enjoy with ur family and friends and go home .

Nattha whom u must have seen in peepli live of aamir khan movie is for the first time doing comedy in this movie and he is brilliant in his act , he again proved he has good act . A new actor rishabh raj who is from Jharkhand ( bokaro ) proves his talent in acting dance and action , with his act he has proved he is here to stay.

Udit narayan , Asha bhonsle, Nitin Mukesh with their melodious voice again proved they are still the best, songs of this movie not only touches heart but makes a very good space in heart as well

Music of this movie is given by vakil Babu who was a creative assistant of Rajesh Roshan for movie Karan arjun





Review : Jigar Is Neat & Clean Entertaining Film For Masses

अश्लीलता से परे मनोरंजक फ़िल्म जिगर

आम तौर पर भोजपुरी फिल्मो का नाम आते ही सभ्रात वर्ग के दर्शक नाक भौं सिकोड़ने लगते हैं लेकिन साफ सुथरी और मनोरंजक फ़िल्म बनाने के लिए मशहूर संयोगिता फ़िल्म के साथ दस फिल्मो के अनुभव के साथ खुद की फ़िल्म निर्माण कंपनी पूर्वांचल टाकीज के बैनर तले फ़िल्म बना रहे विकास कुमार उन्ही की पदचिह्नों पर चल रहे हैं । पहले साजन चले ससुराल 2  , फिर बेटा और अब जिगर से उन्होंने यह सिद्ध किया है कि वे भीड़ का हिस्सा नही हैं । ईद पर मुम्बई  , गुजरात  , बिहार और झारखंड में रिलीज हुई जिगर की कहानी में प्रेम है  , परिवार है , बदला है और इमोशन है । इन सबके बीच मधुर संगीत की अपनी एक अलग पहचान भी है । किसी भी फ़िल्म को सजाने का जिम्मा फ़िल्म के निर्देशक पर रहता है ।

जिगर के निर्देशक प्रेमांशु सिंह ने इस भूमिका का बखूबी निर्वाहन किया है और उनके बारे में कहा जा सकता है कि वे भोजपुरी फिल्मो के उन गिने चुने निर्देशकों में से एक हैं जो भव्यता के लिए जाने जाएंगे ।  जहां तक अभिनय की बात की जाए निरहुआ ने एक बार फिर यह साबित किया है कि भले ही उनकी इंट्री बतौर गायक हुई पर अब वो अभिनय के पावर हाउस बन चुके हैं । अपनी अदा से भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत पर छा जाने वाली अंजना सिंह के 50 फिल्मो के सफर में जिगर उनकी दो सर्वश्रेष्ठ भूमिका वाली फिल्मो में से एक है । सुशील सिंह और मनोज सिंह टाईगर एक वर्सेटाइल एक्टर हैं , कैसी भी भूमिका हो अपनी छाप छोड़ ही देते हैं पर जिगर में इन दोनों ने कुछ ज्यादा ही जान लगा दी है । सहजता और क्रूरता के  मिश्रण के साथ साथ भाव भंगिमा दर्शको का मन मोह लेती है । यही हाल गौरी शंकर,  देव सिंह , संतोष पहलवान , वैभव सिंह का है । रितु सिंह की गिनती हमेशा से अच्छी अदाकारा के रूप में होती है और इसमें भी उन्होंने इसे साबित किया है । गौरव झा ने वैसे तो कई फिल्मे की है पर जिगर उन्हें नई पहचान दिलाने में सफल हुई है ।

रीना रानी सुशील सिंह की पत्नी की भूमिका में है और उनकी सहजता ने दर्शको का दिल जीत लिया है । उल्लेखनीय है कि जिगर  के लेखक हैं विजय यादव व कृष्णानंद पांडे ,  संगीतकार हैं अविनाश झा घुंघरू  कैमरामैन देवेंद्र तिवारी ,  गीतकार प्यारे लाल कवि , मनोज मतलबी , आज़ाद सिंह और प्रमोद शकुंतलम ने भी मधुर बोल लिखे हैं । फ़िल्म के कार्यकारी निर्माता रवि बल और किरण शाही हैं  ।

बहरहाल , निर्माता विकास कुमार साजन चले ससुराल 2 और बेटा के बाद एक और अच्छी फ़िल्म भोजपुरिया दर्शको को देने में सफल हुए हैं ।———-उदय भगत

MAFIA BIGG BOSS  : Film Review

Banner: Studio DG 9 Productions

Producer-director: Dilip Gulati

Music: Bappi Lahiri


The film  depicts the story of all the Dons who ruled from Mumbai from 1960 to 1990. Don Abdullah( Dilip Gulati) is trying his best to keep the two gangs of Dons, one led by tabrez(Sagar Pandey) and the other by  Baadshah (Raj Sagar). Many other dons also come to meet Don Abdullah to get their share of the profits which he manages to convince them that if they fought among themselves the business will be destroyed and nobody will prosper. But the two main dons Tabrez and Baadshah are always at loggerheads and  most of the dons get killed in gang rivalry. Don Baadshah leaves to Dubai in 1986 and he becomes the Mafia Big Boss.


The film deals with the lives of these Dons who show their power to their rivals and how they manipulate their business of smuggling of Gold, Silver, drugs, weapons, extortion etc. and their life styles. Writer-producer-director Dilip Gulati himself plays the role of Don Abdullah and his character has been inspired by the Don who came from Gujarat and ruled in his own way in spite of the Mumbai dons having heir own clout. There are references of Dubai and other places where the Dons have managed to exploit their working pattern and also how the Dons have helped the Police by destroying themselves killing each other which makes the film’s message very clear that crime never pays.Dilip Gulati has written the screenplay himself and has researched the lives of Dons very well. How the Dons talk, how they walk and how they treat the women has been depicted in a natural way.The dialogue spoken by the Dons is also inspired by the true ways of the Dons speaking with their people and their love for women and how the women manipulate the Dons is also shown in few scenes.

The censors have liberally passed a few scenes of women dancing in skimpy clothes and also hiding the pistols in their undergarments which will be liked by the masses. Performances by Raj Chauhan and Sagar Pandey as the main Dons are praiseworthy. Dilip Gulati has also given a seasoned performance and as Don Abdullah, he manages to make a bigger impact than the other Dons as he plays the peacemaker rather than being a rival or an enemy to other Dons.The girls Archana,Moon Moon Guha and Tania Talwani do well in item numbers. The best song of the film is the Bappi Lahiri rendered Bhai, Mumbai Ka Bhai and one Rajasthani folk dance number which is very catchy. The songs give relief to the film which is full of tense-ridden moments. Camerawork (Hemant).Action (Mohd. Bhai) and editing (Dilip Gulati) are upto the mark.The publiicty was fair.

At the box-office, MAFIA BIGG BOSS will attract the mass audiences and will score mainly in B and C centres. .

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