Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL) Contributes INR 5 Crore To PM-CARES Fund For COVID-19 Relief Efforts

New Delhi, April 01, 2020: Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL) has contributed INR 5 crore to PM’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation (PM CARES) Fund in order to help the government in the fight against coronavirus pandemic in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier announced an emergency relief fund and invited contributions from the citizens as the country continues to battle COVID-19.

Dr. Sitaram Jindal, Chairman, and Managing Director, Jindal Aluminium Limited said, “We are confident that India will conquer the COVID-19 crisis. In this exceptionally difficult period, we have made our humble support to the PM-CARES fund towards relief efforts. We at Jindal Aluminium Limited stand strong with the nation in this hour of crisis and will do everything within our capacity to win the battle against this deadly disease.”

About Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL):

Jindal Aluminium Limited, established in the year 1968 is a market leader in manufacturing aluminium extruded and flat-rolled products. With an even focus on innovation and quality, JAL has always been dedicated to incessant improvement and customer satisfaction. The company is known for its state-of-the-art and world-class facility set up at Bengaluru and aims to become the largest supplier of quality aluminium extrusions and rolled products in the global market. JAL also has the credit of being one of the first awardees of the HSB certification and ISO 9002 certification in India when it comes to aluminium extrusion companies.

Akshara Singh’s Song Ek Lakh Ka Lehnga Rocked YouTube During Lockdown

लॉकडाउन में यूट्यूब पर अक्षरा सिंह का गाना एक लाख का लहंगा’ ने मचाया धमाल

देश में जारी लॉकडाउन के बीच आज भोजपुरी एक्‍ट्रेस व सिंगर अक्षरा सिंह ने अपने नये गाने से धमाल मचा दिया है। अक्षरा का यह गाना है – ‘एक लाख का लहंगा’ है, जिसे सोनी म्‍यूजिक रीजनल ने अपने यूट्यूब चैनल से रिलीज किया है। इस गाने को महज कुछ ही घंटों में एक लाख व्‍यूज मिल चुका है। गाना तेजी से वायरल हो रहा है। इस गाने के वीडियो में इस्‍तेमाल लाइट इफेक्‍ट अक्षरा को ग्‍लेमर को और आकर्षक बनाने वाला है।

गाना ‘एक लाख का लहंगा’ को खुद अक्षरा ने अपनी सुरीली आवाज में रिकॉर्ड किया है। गाने का लिरिक्‍स आर आर पंकज और म्‍यूजिक विनय विनायक का है। लंबे वक्‍त बाद अक्षरा ने दूसरे म्‍यूजिक चैनल के लिए कोई गाना गाया है। इस गाने को लेकर अक्षरा की मानें तो  ‘एक लाख का लहंगा’ चार्ट बस्‍टर होने वाला है। इस गाने की मेकिंग बेहद अलग और ताजतरीन है। इसलिए मुझे इस गाने से काफी उम्‍मीदें हैं। अक्षरा ने कहा कि मेरा गाना खासकर उन सभी लोगों का भी मनोरंजन करने वाली है, जो कोरोना वायरस के खिलाफ लॉकडाउन के बाद घर में हैं। स्‍वस्‍थ हैं। हम सबों के स्‍वस्‍थ होने की कामना करते हैं।

बता दें कि अक्षरा सिंह कोरोना वायरस से लड़ने के लिए अपने स्‍तर जागरूकता अभियान चला रही हैं। इस दौरान कभी वे अपने इंस्‍टाग्राम से अपने फैंस को अवेयर करती नजर आयीं तो कभी वे मास्‍क और सेनेटाइजर लेकर भी लॉकडाउन से पहले सड़क पर दिखीं। और तो और उन्‍होंने बिहार सरकार के मुख्‍यमंत्री राहत कोष में सबसे पहले एक लाख रूपए भी डोनेट किया। और अब एक गाना खूबसूरत गाना  ‘एक लाख का लहंगा’  लेकर आयीं, जो लोगों को खूब पसंद आने वाली है। इस गाने का डायरेक्‍शन राकेश थकर अका राका ने किया है। डीओपी तनमय और संजय हैं। पीआरओ रंजन सिन्‍हा हैं। कोरियोग्राफर मयूरेश वाडेकर हैं।

Harshdeep Kaur with Tarannum Malik Jain renders their voice to Om Namah Shivaya The song is conceptualized by Dr. Puneet Chawla and Rajshree Agarwal

OM NAMAH SHIVAAYE is a complete immersive chant of LORD SHIVA and his innumerable blessings. His strength, his power in healing mankind and carrying them across this journey of LIFE has beautifully come through the lyrics and music of this special song.

The essence of godliness in the soulful voice of Harshdeep Kaur is enhanced by the melodious vocal harmonies of Tarannum Malik Jain. The powerful poetry on Shiva, in glimpses, transitions the listener into a realm of peace and harmony, leading to a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

Poetry written by Vishal Agarwala and beautifully renditioned by the Life Guru himself Dr. Puneet Chawla, portrays the power of the connect in life through Lord Shiva.

The music composed by Rajshree Agarwal and arranged by Abhinay Jain, adds to the complete feel of this special tribute to our Lord-Shiva.

Ashish Manchanda, a mixing engineer par excellence, has carefully taken care of the nuances of each musical instrument used in the song and brought out the best effects.

Sachiin J Joshi’s Big Brother Foundation Donates Nutritious Food Boxes To Police & Municipal Workers

In the wake of the 21-day lockdown, Actor-Entrepreneur Sachiin J. Joshi pledges his support to the government’s employees and social workers who are at the forefront of action to serve humanity. With Big Brother Foundation as his passion project, Sachiin decided to provide warm nutritious meals to active police men and municipal workers.

“The police patrolling the city, the doctors, nurses and paramedics at the hospitals, the municipal workers ensuring timely supply of essentials and 24*7 water supply, the traffic police force along with the other forces who ensure that the lockdown is strictly adhered to,” says Sachiin J. Joshi.

“The Collector office or Police inform us the area they need food on the same day an hour prior and as per requirements and we do the needful,” elaborates a Big Brother team member.


Set up in 2012 as a not for profit initiative, Big Brother is the passionate endeavour of social visionary Sachiin Joshi, for empowering underprivileged children and women in rural India. Today, the Big Brother Foundation team has done community service at LBS, Kanjur Marg, Powai Hiranandani and Bhandup among other places. More power to Big Brother Foundation and Sachiin J. Joshi!

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Naarad PR and Image Strategists




Smita Thackeray’s Mukkti Foundation Brings Women Of Substance Together With Each For Equal All-Women Conclave

Mukkti Foundation, under the aegis of firebrand social activist Smita Thackeray, recently concluded a conclave curated in a bid to empower women. Apart from the conclave being moderated by Smita Thackeray, the event saw participation from other multi-faceted women across all walks of life including the charismatic politician Priya Dutt, the fiery top cop Maya More, the sought-after Academy Award winning and BAFTA nominated film producer Guneet Monga, the dynamic force behind OneLine Wellness as well as the Global Wellness Ambassador for India Rekha Chaudhari, the acclaimed Writer-Director of the Marathi film industry Meena Naik and Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, a celebrated journalist-turned-filmmaker, social activist-reformer and a sought-after TEDx speaker.

Enthused Smita Thackeray, “This Women’s Day Week, I am proud to have moderated and presented an all-women conclave. Mukkti supports all of womanhood and strives to attain absolute empowerment for the same. Let us women help one another and prove to the world that women can!” Aptly titled ‘Each For Equal’, the conclave celebrates womanhood and empowers women while trending with the #WomenCan.

Held at the Mukkti Cultural Hub in Andheri, a state-of-the-art equipped auditorium that has come up to be a junction of intersection for a wide variety of artistic and intellectual pursuits, pulled in diverse crowds through its doors. Comprising of students, entrepreneurs and women across all walks of life, the conclave turned out to be a massive success!

Along with the conclave, Mukkti Foundation also marked the week with a Breast Cancer Screening, Mental Health Awareness, Street Plays, Ribbon distribution and Disinfecting toilets across Western Railway platforms from Churchgate to Borivali as well as a Career initiative for Financial Independence for Women. More power to Team Mukkti!

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Actor Vinod Dulgach has Donated Funds to protect Karona Virus Victims and Appeals Everyone To Stay At Home And Be Safe

लगभग पूरे विश्व में करोना वायरस का ख़तरा बढ़ता जा रहा है तो वही भारत में भी संक्रमण लगभग एक हज़ार होने वाली है पूरा देश लाँकडाउन हो गया वही मुंबई में ,,ग़लतियाँ ,,फ़िल्म के ऐक्टर विनोद डुलगंच ने करोना वाइरस से बचाव के लिए एक लाख एक हज़ार रुपए की मदत की है और प्रधान मंत्री को भी भेजने का मनबनाया है लोगों से बचाव करने अपने हाथो को बार बार साफ़ करने को भी कहा क्योंकि बचाव का इससे बेहतर तरीक़ा कुछ नाहीं है कल प्रधान मंत्री ने लोगों से अपील किया है की जो भी आप मदद करना चाहते है कर सकतेहै ।वही आने वाली फ़िल्म,, ग़लतियाँ ,, फ़िल्म के लीड ऐक्टर विनोद डुलगंच ने करोना वायरस से बचाव व इलाज के लिए एक लाख एक हज़ार रुपए की मदत हरियाणा के  मुख्य मंत्री के खाते में भेज कर मानवता की मिशालपेश कर दी है  ताकि  इलाज  के समान , दवाइयाँ ख़रीदे जा सके और लोगों के काम आए

आपको बतादे ऐक्टर विनोद डुलगंच मूल रूप से हरियाणा के है और उनकी फ़िल्म ग़लतियाँ में उनके साथ अभिनेत्री गौरी  प्रमुख भूमिका में नज़र आएँगी


विनोद डुलगंचजी  हरियाणा व देश के लोगों से अपील की है की प्रवासी नागरिक जहाँ है कृपया वही रहे स्थानीय सरकार आपका पूरा ध्यान देगी और आप अपने अपने घरोंमें रहे ताकि इस से बचा जा सकेl

5 Vikram Bhatt Web Series You Must Binge Watch Right Now

A prolific critic, actor and creator – Vikram Bhatt has mastered the art of thrilling viewers with edgy narratives.Twists, thrill, mystery and edge of the seat suspense – his content just never disappoints!

With the country going on a 21-day long lockdown, most of us are clueless about what to ‘stream next’ and some drama and suspense is exactly what we need in our lives, especially right now.Here are 5 Vikram Bhatt shows that you NEED to watch!

  1. Naked– Hotelier Rishabh Mehta is found murdered. An honest cop, Suraj Kadam, begins investigating the case and meets Natasha Kamra the prime suspect, who is also a porn star by profession. But are things the way they seem to be? Is Natasha guilty or not? Sometimes, the truth is nothing but just a naked illusion and the intriguing plot is laced with mystery from the word go.The series is directed by Anupam Santosh and stars Aryamann Seth – Suparna Moitra in lead roles. You can binge watch the series now for FREE, on MX Playerhttps://bit.ly/Naked_Episode1_YT
  2. Twisted 1 & 2 – Twisted Season 1 starts with the murder of NainaRaichand, wife of Ranbir Raichand. CID Officers Aryan Mathur and Disha Aggarwal have shortlisted the suspects to Ranbir Raichand and supermodel Aliyah Mukerjee, who is Ranbir’s mistress. The rest of the season deals with Ranbir and Aliyah’s version of their story and the search for Naina’s true murderer. Season 2 sees Aliyah Mukherjee being framed for the murder of her boyfriend Vinod. It is later revealed that Aryan, who has wasted his life trying to nab Aliyah for the murders has now gone rogue. He plans to beat Aliyah at her own game and thus starts the game of love, hate, and murders between the two. Both are determined to win the game at whatever cost necessary.

Maaya– When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma. Abhishek soon finds out that Sonia had a secret life of intense sexuality and twisted fantasies that he didn’t know about, a life that betrayed him and yet he was the only one who could save her. The series stars Shama Sikander and Vipul Gupta in lead roles

Rain– The series traces the life of Barkha who is trapped inside her house, with four people from her past; one of them wants her to be dead. Will Barkha be able to trust anyone and get out of this safely is the real question here. The series is directed by Anupam Santosh and stars Sid Makkar and Priya Banerjee in lead roles

Spotlight- Spotlight revolves around Sana Sanyal who has overcome all odds to become a big Bollywood star but is unlucky in her quest to find true love. The series revolves around her ups and downs in her relationship and the bitter truth of the Bollywood life. The series is directed by SuhainTatari and stars Tridha Choudhury, Arif Zakaria, and Sid Makkar in lead roles.


Sony Music Kids Launches Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya

#StayHomeAndLearn – A brilliant story podcasts for children and parents

Having the kids at home during quarantine is fun and frantic in equal measures. We are stuck in the house with limited ways of keeping our little ones entertained, amused and soothed.

Even though kids are in a vacation mood as schools and day cares are closed, Sony Music Kids have found a brilliant way to simultaneously keep kids occupied and educated through their jolly character Munna Chachu, who is here with his treasure box full of audio stories about wit and intelligence, called “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya”.

Listen to these stories with your kids and introduce them to popular historical figures that every Indian child should get to know. Each story for children is lovingly written and performed with attention to the whimsical senses of humour children often possess. Kids will love these stories as they would get to meet unconventional heroes who use the power of their intelligence to overcome adversities. Not only are these stories philosophical but are also filled with humorous elements.

There are 2 albums in the series. The first album is “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya ( Akbar Aur Birbal )”. It is a collection of stories about the iconic Akbar and Birbal, where our intelligent and witty hero Birbal always manages to come up with clever solutions to outsmart the challenges Emperor Akbar throws at him.

The second album in the series “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya (Mulla Nasiruddin)” is a collection of stories where the clever Mulla Nasiruddin proves time & time again that the pen is mightier than the sword. With his wit, intelligence and knowledge, the charming Mulla Nasiruddin provide effective solutions to all problems. In these stories, he unfolds his philosophies on life and his commentaries are lessons on various aspects of life.

Stories with a heart, designed to encourage discussion, that are perfect for parents and teachers. These audio series are available on YouTube, Google Play Music, Wynk Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Hungama Music, Gaana.com as well as Jio Saavn.

Playlists Links:

Munna Chachu Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya – Mulla Nasiruddin – bit.ly/MullaNasiruddin_MunnaChachu

Munna Chachu Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya – Akbar Birbal – bit.ly/AkbarBirbal_MunnaChachu

Miss World Queens Toni Singh-Emmy Cuvelier-Shree Saini help raise $4 million for children in need at Variety’s Children Charity Telethon

Variety’s Children Charity 46th telethon raised $4,084,646 for children’s hospitals and nonprofits, that provide care to underprivileged, at risk, critically ill and special needs children. Now, nearly $120 million dollars has been raised fundraised for children in need, in Iowa. Miss World America generously donated $20,000 to Variety’s Children Charity.

“I believe all of us are inherently good people and all of us want to do good, Miss World Organization and Variety the Children’s Charity demonstrate how important it is to put our good thoughts in action and serve the people around us,” said Shree Saini, Miss World America Washington.

Miss World queens visited news channels Iowa Live and ABC Local 5 news. They were seen helping out with the telethon and visiting hospitals, that Variety provides funding for. helped at the telethon and visited hospitals.

Miss World 2019 Toni Singh mentioned it’s crucial to give kids opportunities to reach their full potential. Miss World America 2019 Emmy Cuvelier shared how she works with ill children and bring them joy, through her singing. Shree spoke about her life journey from being a critically ill child to becoming a strong young woman., has allowed to work to uplift those kids.


“Big thanks to Miss World organization’s Mrs. Julia Morley, Mr. Steve Douglas, Miss World America and Variety for instilling goodness in the hearts of thousands of people. You inspire others to take action. Thank you to our Variety’s Children Charity family, Variety legends Mr. Stanley W. Reynolds, Mr. Stan Reynolds, Mrs. Suzanne Reynolds Arnold, Mr. Brooks Reynolds, Mrs. Sheri McMichael for changing lives of thousands of people,” said Shree Saini.


Renu Dalal continues family’s culinary legacy with launch of second cookbook – Simple & Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Mumbai, March: Renu Dalal, daughter of renowned chef, cookbook author, and television presenter Tarala Dalal, launched her second cookbook – Simple & Delicious Vegetarian Recipes – at Mumbai’s Crossword Bookstores, Kemps Corner, on the 22nd of January. This cookbook follows in the wake of her maiden best-seller, Modern Vegetarian Recipes.

Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive reception that greeted the release of her first book, and with many more recipes to share, Renu set about penning her second book. With stunning food photography and many recipes that are quick, simple, and easy-to-follow, Simple & Delicious Recipes is a glimpse into the foods and flavours that excite Renu on a daily basis.

The recipes contained in this book were gathered by Renu and chosen for their inventiveness, healthiness, and simplicity. With new and exciting dishes like rose shrikhand, no bake Oreo tarts, and black rice and asparagus samosas with chess sauce, this cookbook is an indispensable guide for both the home cook and the professional chef.


The seeds of cuisine were sown early on Renu Dalal’s life as she watched her mother, revered chef and household name Tarla Dalal, concoct meals that became her legacy. With a childhood filled with gourmet meals, Renu, very early on, was inclined towards the culinary arts. After the passing of her beloved mother, she came up with interesting hybrids of everyday vegetarian food. Her food style is fusion and inventive, where she combines the flavours from the world over with techniques of traditional Indian cuisine. Her style is playful, and her recipes reflect that, which is enjoyed and appreciated by both children and adults alike.