The main aim of producer Jaiwinder Singh Bhati of Shape Entertainment is to ensure that…

The main aim of producer Jaiwinder Singh Bhati of Shape Entertainment is to ensure that the audiences who flock to watch his film always go to a different world altogether which is full of fun and entertainment right from the word go. His last film Hum Hai Teen Khurafati not only collected a good amount of money but also goodwill at the box office and made the audiences laugh their guts out. The producer did not prefer to sit idle at home and waste his time but came up with yet another comedy caper called When Obama Loved Osama.

With this latest film of his, the producer wants to not only keep the engage the audiences with the goings on the screen but also intrigue them with his unique title. The subject of the film is very interesting. It is about two heroes and two heroines. To win the hand of the girl, the hero has to cross several hurdles on his path as he is a Muslim and the girl is a Christian. The fathers of both the girls who are politically extremely active put up a strange condition to the boys and tell them that they are ready to marry them off with their daughters if only they can fetch for both of them votes from their own community.

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Whether the boys would be able to achieve the feat and win the hands of the girls remains to be seen on the silver screen when the film is released but the producer has vowed to continue with his avowed mission of making comedy films which will tickle the funny bones of the audiences. In his third film titled Cheaters, the hero actors will be seen cheating each and every one around them but will not break the hearts of the girls with whom they fall in love with.

After ,making his fourth film titled The Guinness Book which will be an out and out entertainment oriented film based on  two kids, perhaps the producer  will hopefully find his name  in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records as a make  with the maximum number of comedies to his credit. Though he is waiting for that D Day with bated breath, right now, it would be the turn of the audiences to wait for the release of When Obama Loved Osama, which has been directed by Sudhish Kumar Sharma. The story has been written by Vaibhav Bist while music has been composed by Kashi. The film stars Nishan, Parul Chauhan, Vicky Chowdhary, Divya Sharma, Mushtaq Khan, Brijendra Kala, Mohit Baghel and Manoj Bakshi.