Veteran Artist Prakash Bhise Unveils SPECTRUM Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 5th to 11th December 2023


Solo Show of Drawings & Paintings by veteran artist Prakash Bhise


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 98206 06283 

Veteran Artist Prakash Bhise Unveils “Spectrum” Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery 

Prakash Bhise, a distinguished alumnus of the renowned JJ School of Art, is set to captivate art enthusiasts with his latest exhibition, “Spectrum,” at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Running from December 5th to the 11th 2023, the showcase promises a visual feast of approximately 48 abstract paintings, marking Bhise’s significant contribution to the world of art over his four-decade-long career. 

A veteran Artist and former professor at the Raheja School of Art, Bhise’s artistic journey has been a dynamic exploration of styles, with a transition to abstract art in 2000. His keen awareness of social issues, cultivated through years of activism, finds expression on canvas, making his artwork a commentary on the human experience.

Notable in his repertoire is a painting series inspired by the poetry collection “Golpitha” by renowned poet Namdev Dhasal, earning acclaim for its depth and resonance. Bhise’s artistic prowess extends beyond national borders, with exhibitions in Germany, Holland, and Bangladesh showcasing his talent to an international audience. 

The “Spectrum” exhibition is a testament to Bhise’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. His abstract paintings, while defying conventional understanding, reflect a two-dimensional quality inspired by India’s traditional miniature painting legacy. Bhise attributes this unique style to the intense sunlight in India, emphasizing lines and shapes on canvas. 

Art lovers attending the exhibition can anticipate a liberal use of colors, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional artistic analysis. Bhise believes that abstract art is not meant to be dissected but experienced, offering glimpses into his life experiences and philosophy.

Prakash Bhise consider himself fortunate to receive training under the guidance of esteemed professors, including Prof. Sambhaji Kadam, Prof. Vishwanath Solapurkar, Prof. Prabhakar Kolte, Prof. Mrugank Joshi, Prof. Paul Koli, Prof. S K Lagate, Prof. Vasant Sonawane and others during his time at the prestigious JJ School of Art.

Trained under the guidance of Dean Prof. Shankar Palashikar sir at JJ School of Art, Bhise seamlessly navigates between realistic and abstract styles, evoking overwhelming emotional responses from viewers. His command of color, brushwork, and medium creates a captivating drama on canvas, reflecting a nearly four-decade-long artistic journey.

The “Spectrum” exhibition serves as a canvas of life experiences, exploring diverse textures and themes such as human emotions, nature’s beauty, and the direct impact of global events, including the Ukraine-Russia war.

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Veteran Artist Prakash Bhise Unveils SPECTRUM Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery


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