V for Victor’- A different film on boxing and terrorism The popular action star of…

V for Victor’- A different film on boxing and terrorism

The popular action star of Bhojpuri film is now all set to make his debut as an actor in Bollywood with the Hindi Feature film ‘V for Victor’, which is based on boxing with the back drop of terrorism. At a press conference held at Pragati Studio, Malad(W), Mumbai, where he was shooting on a boxing ring as a boxer with Aatish Bhattacharya as the Pakistan opponent, actor Sudip Pandey addressing the media said that the film stars him in the lead in the role of a common man called Victor Roy, who becomes a boxer, along with the top Bengali actress Pamela  as well as Sangh Mitra, Usha Bachchani, Naseer Abdullah and others.Sanjeev- Darshan is Music director of film.

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The film directed by Sanjay Amar is now almost 90% complete and is being shot briskly and slated for release by the end of the year. It is not only an entertaining film but also drives homes a powerful, message against terrorism which is becoming rampant today even with educated people. Actresses Pamela and Sangh Mitra play romantic interests of Sudip and though the film is not woman oriented, both the actresses have prominent roles with which they will be able to register themselves.

At the outset, Sudip conceded that it was his second innings as a producer-actor nine years after he had made his debut as an actor-producer in Bhojpuri film industry with the film Bhojpuriya Bhaiya starring him in the lead. “I was waiting for the right time and the right break as an actor in Hindi films and hence I decided to launch myself with the film V for Victor under my own banner with Sanjay Amar as the director. Sanjay has already directed quite a few films in Hindi like Future Toh Bright Hai Ji and 19th January etc.

Says Sudip Pandey, “I like the style of Sanjay who blends hard hitting messages in his films in a light way. V for Victory will be my second innings as an actor. Today when my film is on the threshold of release, I feel as nervous as well as fresh as I felt when I was making my debut with Bhojpuri films nine years ago with Bhojpuri Bhaiyya which was a super duper hit.”

Sudip who confessed that his film made on a budget of around two crores has been shot on various locales in Malaysia like Penang, Malaika etc, asserts that he had locked his subject on a boxer and also completed 90% of his film even before films like Sultan and Dangal even went on the floors and says that his subject does not bear even an iota of resemblance to those films. “I cannot even compare myself with either Salman Khan or Aamir Khan”.

Sudip wishes to change the way Bhojpuri films are being made in our country. “There is a wrong notion that Bhojpuri films are vulgar and need to have sexy item numbers and larger than life heroes to click at the box office. I want to prove that you can make even Bhojpuri films with aesthetics keeping in mind the average layman and his family so that families can come in large numbers and watch Bhojpuri films, which seem to be in a groove right from the earlier days whereas Hindi films have had a sea change from the Ganga Jamuna days to the days of Dhoom 3 now.

Sudip Pandey says that he has taken it up as a challenge to make the film as he is confident that the 25 crore population of his fans will make his film a big success, because it is content based film which is being made on an international scale with a positive message of humanity. Sudip concluded that though right now he has no time to concentrate on Bhojpuri films; he will never give up acting in Bhojpuri films as thanks to his Bhojpuri films that he has been encouraged to launch himself in Hindi with V for Victor. Watch out for him in three to four more films in Hindi after V for Victor is released.