Scholars Gathered From Across The Country Called Sanatan Sanskar Yatra Very Important

By making the eternal sutras of Sanatan Dharma its style of life,Hindutva incorporated it into subtle conduct and created sanskars in a systematic manner from birth to death so that no life can be deprived of the experience of the Supreme Being. These things were said by Kabir Ji Maharaj, the founder of Sanatan Sanskar Yatra, in the Sanatan Manthan Shankhnad program organized at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

He further said that today Hindutva itself is searching for its existence and the main reason for this is the end of the processes in Hindu families. This is a very rare time where the public consciousness is full of inspiration to return home. If they we restore the processes in the form of values in every home, then no one can stop our dream of Ram Rajya from being fulfilled and we will be able to lay the foundation of a great Hindu nation.Sanatan Manthan Sankhanad program organized under Sanatan Sanskar Yatra was organized at Constitution Club, New Delhi.

On the above subject, National Executive Head of the program, Rahul Kumar Mishra said that the main objective of this program is that Ram Temple is one of the biggest symbols of our inspiration, now we just have to establish the processes like rituals in every house. In this regard, a dialogue program has been organized for the eternal values of united India and an effort has been made to increase the Sanatan Sanskar. Its expanded form will soon be seen.

National President of Adarsh Brahmin Foundation and Head (Organizing Board) of Sanatan Sanskar Yatra, Shri Ashutosh Upadhyay said that the main objective of the movement is to revive the cooperative based social structure of India by taking Hindu temples out of government control. India’s famous arm wrestler Surya Pratap Sharma, multiple medal winner in India and abroad and about 150 personalities from different fields who participated from across the country were honoured.

To educate all sections of the society and especially the deprived sections and bring them into the mainstream and to refute and restore the errors that have occurred due to pretense and hypocrisy on scientific and Vedic basis. in the program Mahavir Mandir Patna Mahant Mahendra Das, Prasar Bharati Delhi Sampat Saraswat, Saurabh Singh Project Manager (NDMA),Senior Advocate Supreme Court Rajiv Rajhans Pandey,Yagya Guru Arunanand, Ruchika Aggarwal,Mahesh Paliwal, District President Udaipur, Adarsh Brahmin Foundation Director Anand Vidya Bharti Udaipur and many distinguished scholars from across the country were present.


Scholars Gathered From Across The Country Called Sanatan Sanskar Yatra Very Important


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