Our Candid Review Home Stay-Stay Alive-, is a suspense thriller which tells of a dark…

Our Candid Review

Home Stay-Stay Alive-, is a suspense thriller which tells of a dark and horror night spent by a girl in a Home Stay at Coorg.

The film revolves revolves round the pivotal character of the film – a bold and beautiful girl – Akshara, who stays in City and intends to travel to Coorg to surprise her fiancée who stays in Coorg. Thrilling part of the film begins here with an enormously terrifying situation where she is staying alone in Home Stay in that dark night. As time surpasses, and as the night gets dark with some sound of nature, the way of her psychological mind reacts with the availed situation. Middle of the night, who came to Home Stay to kill her? What made her to react with super natural power? What was the paranormal activity which she came to know on that Home Stay?

The crucial point of the film is, as the morning rises, whether the girl is alive or not? What was the intense situation she faced there? Who is the creepy man who came in the midnight? Did the owner of the Home Stay come back or not? Finally, could she really surprise her fiancée with her visit to Coorg?

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Sayali Bhagat, as the bold and stunning girl. Akshara has given an incredible performance. Ashmit Patel, the fiancée of Akshara (Sayali Bhagat) too has given excellent performance. ShrutiI  who is the most popular heroine of South has justified her role and has portrayed her character wonderfully. Ravi Kaale has also given a good performance..

The story-screenplay and direction by Santosh Kodenkeri is exceptionally deft and commendable. Director Santosh Kodenkeri is all praise for Sayali Bhagat for her intense portrayal

The photography and the locations are captivating. The music by Lotus Music is haunting. Editing is extremely slick and need to be raved about.

The film is produced under the banner of Miracle Movie Makers and Sahana Pictures.

It is for the first time ever a film entrenched with physiological surprise, thrills with tense screenplay and narration.

In one word Home Stay-Stay Alive is a must see for the horror film audience.