Hindustan Ratna Awards For Ronit Roy – Remo D’Souza – Pratap Jain – Udit Narayan – Ismail Darbar

The prestigious Hindustan Ratna Awards were presented by Mumbai Global at the Club in Mumbai and organized by Rajkumar Tiwari, co-organized by Vaibhav Sharma who also enthralled the audience with his anchoring.

While the celebrated choreographer and director Remo D’Souza was the chief guest, the Guest of Honour was Dr. Bu Abdullah from Dubai. Among the awardees were Ronit Roy, Remo D’Souza, Udit Narayan, Ismail Darbar, Pratap Jain (Founder of Chana Jor Ott), Tinnu Verma, Zaid Darbar, Awez Darbar, Riva Arora, Sunil Pal, and Harveer Singh (the Pintu Bhabhi of Jijajee Chhat Pe Hain).

Notable among the other awardees of the prestigious Hindustan Ratna Awards were Dr Raman Trivedi, Rutu Goyal, Dr Kavita Rao, Riva Arora and actress Arjuman Mughal, Bollywood actress Indrani Talukdar.

Teasers of the various comedy shows that are streaming as well as those expected family comedy shows on the OTT Platform Chana Jor was screened much to the amusement of the audience.

The highlight of the evening was that American singer Rincy Singh fetched the Best singer award and beauty from Ahmedabad Naseem Bagwan was crowned as the brand ambassador. And a national level beauty pageant for Mr, Miss and Mrs Hindustani was also organized on the occasion with Suchita Singh and Ishaan Khan as the show-stoppers. 

Urmilla Ghosh was crowned as the Miss Hindustani, Namrata Bharti the first runner-up and Ishika S Katkar was the second runner up. The jury comprised of diverse dignitories such as Dr. Ajay Mohan Sahai, Shalini Singh, Simran Sethia, Dr Shamla Halima, Priyanshi and Ritu Goyal.

Ulka Sawant was adjudged as Mrs Hindustani with Sneha Rathod the first runner up and second runner up was Meenu S Punjabi.

Soon after the awardees expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Rajkumar Tiwari a glimpse of the film being made on the life of Rajkumar Tiwari was shown amid much applause.


Hindustan Ratna Awards For Ronit Roy – Remo D’Souza – Pratap Jain – Udit Narayan – Ismail Darbar

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