First Look Revealed For OPERATION KARACHI – Inspired By Abhinandan Varthaman, Starring Dr. Ramendra Chakarwarti, Directed By Rajesh Puthra

In a momentous unveiling, the first look of the highly anticipated film “Operation Karachi” has been revealed, igniting fervent anticipation among cinephiles worldwide. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Rajesh Puthra, the movie stars the esteemed Dr. Ramendra Chakarwarti in the lead role, drawing inspiration from the valorous saga of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

Abhinandan Varthaman, an icon of courage and resilience, captured the world’s attention during the military conflict between India and Pakistan in 2019. His unwavering composure and bravery, even in the face of captivity, earned him widespread admiration and respect globally. Varthaman’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by armed forces personnel in the defense of their nations’ integrity.

“Operation Karachi” is poised to offer a compelling narrative, inspired by the remarkable courage and resilience demonstrated by Varthaman during a tense military standoff between India and Pakistan. The unveiling of the first look provides a captivating glimpse into the essence of the film, with Dr. Ramendra Chakarwarti stepping into the shoes of a character emblematic of bravery and fortitude.

Director Rajesh Puthra, known for his adept storytelling and visionary approach, expressed his excitement about bringing this gripping narrative to the silver screen. “Operation Karachi” is not just a cinematic endeavor but a heartfelt tribute to the indomitable spirit of individuals like Abhinandan Varthaman, whose valor continues to inspire millions,” stated Puthra.

Dr. Ramendra Chakarwarti, celebrated for his versatile performances, shared his insights into portraying a character of such significance. “It’s an immense honor to embody a character inspired by the valiant spirit of Abhinandan Varthaman, echoing the resilience and determination that defines the ethos of contemporary India, symbolized by the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” remarked Chakarwarti.

Joining Chakarwarti in this cinematic endeavor are a talented ensemble of actors, including Ronav Verma, Rohit Narwara, Avadh Sharma, and Angad Malhotra. These actors, known for their prowess in the Delhi theatre scene, bring a wealth of experience and depth to their roles.

Their previous collaborations with renowned director Sanoj Mishra, known for his masterful storytelling, have further honed their craft. Having appeared in Mishra’s acclaimed films “Ghazanavi(2023)” and “The Diary of West Bengal(2024),” these actors have already showcased their versatility and talent onscreen, earning recognition for their nuanced performances.

“Operation Karachi” emerges as a cinematic masterpiece, poised to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative and stellar performances. As excitement mounts following the revelation of the first look, anticipation surges for further details and the eventual release of the film, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience that pays homage to the extraordinary bravery and sacrifice of individuals like Abhinandan Varthaman.


First Look Revealed For OPERATION KARACHI – Inspired By Abhinandan Varthaman, Starring Dr. Ramendra Chakarwarti, Directed By Rajesh Puthra

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