EVERY PICTURE HAS A STORY An exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh at Nitya Artists Centre

From: 1st to 7th May 2024

Every Picture has a story…

A Solo Show of Photo Art

By Kabeer Ramesh


Nitya Artists Centre

103, 1st Floor, Siddhi Vinayak Grandeur

Opp Ravindra Natya Mandir, Sayani Road

Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 028

Contact: +91 9920072573


This show was inaugurated on 1st May 2024 by the hands of Adv. Rajay Gaikwad  Honourable advocate at Mumbai Highcourt.

An exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh

Photo artist Kabeer Ramesh offers yet another solo exhibition titled ‘Every Picture has a story…’, the previous being ‘Frozen in Time’, which was held at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.  ‘Every Picture has a story…’,  exhibited at the ‘Nitya Artists Centre’, Prabhadevi, from 1st May, 2024 onwards, grapples with, as the title suggests, human endeavours/stories in diverse and vivid contexts; these are photo-stories of promises and perils of being human: the glories and triumphs memorialised in monuments are juxtaposed with toiling workers in busy bazaar streets of Kolkata; the symbols of towering human achievements – the world famous the Taj Mahal and London Bridge – co-habit with the unease of forlorn ruins of the dilapidated and discarded. Interestingly, the idea of loners is presented in creatively imagined forms – the ‘lone stone’ of Shillong relentlessly standing up to vagaries of waters, and the unending wait of birds in summer of Rajasthan. The trees presented in Kabeer Ramesh’s work too depict the diverse meaning universe: the erratic desires of the colonising human, and the falling humanity supported by dried branches of the uprooted. The exhibition also offers noteworthy studies in perspective – the broad-ways and the marvel of the Howrah bridge – what appears as meeting may be illusive, and what is near maybe far.  The monuments in Kabeer’s work present an enigma: the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris lost its glorious treasures to the leaps of fire; so is the photograph of statue outside the Buckingham Palace, glorious yet stoic.

Kabeer Ramesh’s photographic imagery thus represents the indomitable human spirit, and also cautions against the unreasonable, erratic human desire to colonize. Importantly his works show that all human boundaries, all boundaries, are illusive,  porous and imaginary. One could easily cross over the meaning universe and find multiple meanings through acts and ways of seeing and looking, in varied times and spaces. 


EVERY PICTURE HAS A STORY An exhibition of Photographs by Kabeer Ramesh at Nitya Artists Centre

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