Beautiful Performance Of Actress Chetanshi In The Music Video Udd Chalee By Producer Director Sanjay Sharma (Baba)

Bhiwani, which was once called the sports city, has now started playing an important role in the film world as well. The dance of 11-year-old Chetanshi is very popular on YouTube these days. She has a new song on YouTube. Her dance is becoming very viral in this song “Khud me kho ke khud me pana”  Chetanshi has done such a dance that people are liking it very much. People are blessing actress Chetanshi a lot. They believes that such a dance will bring glory to Bhiwani in the times to come.

Chetanshi is such a talented person that in just 2 days she has completed the shooting of this entire song in Himachal. Her team has worked hard during the shoot.

Producer of the song Sanjay Sharma Baba says that this shooting in Himachal has been completed in just 2 days and in the coming time Chetanshi will also appear in the new web series.

Chetanshi says that she likes action movies more, so she will try to work in action movies so that Bhiwani can be more famous. She says that along with her studies, she started dancing when she was only 3 years old. Tied such a combination of dance and acting that now she will soon appear in the web series as well.

Producer Director Sanjay Sharma (Baba) informed that the best music video “Udd Chalee” is getting popular by releasing on the official YouTube channel of Planet 9 Productions. This song is being seen and appreciated a lot. This beautiful song in the voice of singer Jasmine is getting love from the audience and listeners.

The song is penned by Krishna Bharadwaj and composed by Sukhbir Verma. Chetanshi is looking very beautiful in this video. The DOP of the song is Ravindra, makeup artist Sanjana and line producer Bittu Badshah.

Producer Director Sanjay Sharma (Baba) Orbit 9x Films told that Jasmine has sung the song Udd Chalee very sweetly. The location is spectacular and Chetanshi has captured the emotion of the song very well on screen.

Chetanshi’s mother Isha Chaudhary and professor Rekha Sharma, who lives in her neighborhood, say that Chetanshi wanted to come to this side since childhood. Seeing such qualities in her, she sent her to this field so that she can earn a lot of name and it has already started.

It should also be mentioned here that Chetanshi’s mother Isha Chaudhary is a professor in the Government College of Bhiwani. Seeing the qualities of acting and dance in her daughter, she sent her to such a profession. Today Chetanshi has become such a face that every person in Bhiwani has Chetanshi’s name on their lips.


Beautiful Performance Of Actress Chetanshi In The Music Video Udd Chalee By Producer Director Sanjay Sharma (Baba)

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