Actress Meghna Naidu is ruling people’s hearts with the superhit remix song “Kaliyon Ka Chaman”.

Actress Meghna Naidu is ruling people’s hearts with the superhit  remix song “Kaliyon Ka Chaman”. She has worked in films in many  languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.  Has worked in many films in Bollywood including ‘Kyaa Kool Hai Hum 3,  Mashuka’. Along with this, she has also acted in the TV show  ‘Jodha Akbar Aur Sasural Simar Ka’. She also worked in many films in South India and has been successful.

There is an interesting story behind her presence in the song  ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’. Perhaps destiny was waiting for Meghna for this song.  Her friend had gone to audition for this song and Meghna also went  there to support her. Her friend was giving audition and she was waiting  for her for several hours. Meanwhile, she talked to the team members there.  They advised Meghna to also give audition, but Meghna refused saying that  this audition was not for her. It is for a friend.

Meanwhile, the staff took her address and said that next time if there  is an audition, she should also join and after a few days, Meghna was called for the same song and Meghna auditioned and was selected. Because Radhika Rao  was not looking for a professional model but a simple, long haired girl with  a different look and image which was fulfilled by seeing Meghna and really  this song created a stir all around and ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’ girl.

Meghna became famous by name. Even today her image remains intact.  Although she worked in many films, the success of this song and her role  became her real reflection. Meghna Naidu has worked in the industry for many years and after marriage, she  stayed away from the industry for some time.

Now she is about to start her new innings. Her Marathi film is going to be  released soon. This film will be the last film of veteran actor Vikram Gokhale.

Meghna has worked with many veteran artists and her experiences are also golden.  Meghna also shared her experiences and told that she worked with actor Mithun Chakraborty in Bengali and Hindi films and got to learn a lot from him.  Have worked with Mithun many times in all three shifts and it was the best  experience of her life. Regarding actor Dhanush, Meghna said that he is very  professional towards his work and is also punctual and dedicated.  Dhanush is a down to earth person.

Meghna tells that the cast and crew of South Indian films are more dedicated  towards their work. Being a part of the industry there was a pleasant experience  for Meghna. Her only regret is that due to today’s digital age, there is a  craze for South Indian films and today people have started knowing the  artists there, if this facility was available earlier then their work would  have been appreciated more by the audience and Bollywood  Caste.

Meghna Naidu told that she took a gap of a few years and distanced herself  from films. Meanwhile, she gave importance to her personal life. Meghna married  tennis player Luis Miguel Reis and devoted more time to her personal life.  Also traveled almost the whole world. At present, even though she is not a  part of films, she is constantly busy in events, NGOs and other programs.  Soon she is going to make her comeback in films. She says that in the present  times the importance of social media has increased.

Not only on the big screen but also on the small screen i.e. due to OTT,  the scope of films has increased and everyone’s working opportunities have  also increased and that too, they are understanding and following the digital  world and social media to suit the new times. She says that many  people have become addicted to digital media and some are blindly following  it and are becoming victims of depression, which proves fatal for them.  So just watch it for entertainment purpose only and emulate the good things  and have the knowledge to understand right from wrong because what social  media shows us is very different from real life. Therefore, do not let it  dominate you by becoming a lover of social sites and media.

Don’t waste your time and life but create a file and be happy using it.


Actress Meghna Naidu is ruling people’s hearts with the superhit  remix song “Kaliyon Ka Chaman”.

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