Actress Hazrun Took A Drastic Step And Presented Herself To The World As A Fitness Model, Bikini Model And Artist

Presently she is an actress as well as a successful fitness artist and bikini model. Her acting can be seen in the South Indian film D Three.  She has done many acting projects and has also worked in Arabic music albums. Hazrun is the first female pilot and actress who represented India as a bikini model and has brought glory to India by winning many times.

She has defied many stereotypes and distorted thinking before transitioning from a successful pilot to a bikini and fitness model.  Hazrun is working not only in India but also at the international level and has been the winner of many awards. She has been a model of Playboy Magazine, Badshah and WBF, many international level. He has represented India in Gold IFFB.

Hazrun hails from Kiev, Ukraine but she is an Indian. She completed her education in Bangalore and received further education from Hyderabad.  Hazrun took pilot training in Mumbai and became a successful Indian pilot. Hazrun Sheikh was influenced by films since childhood, that is why she chose acting.

But after completing her education, when she became a pilot, seeing the episodes related to fitness and beauty, the thought came to her mind that whether it is films or work, fitness is very important in every field and it also helps the common man to stay healthy and look good. It is also important to keep your body shapely and healthy. Knowing the importance of fitness, Hazrun took a drastic step and presented herself to the world as a fitness model, bikini model and artist. This was a very tough and determined decision and after braving many storms, he hoisted the flag of success.

Hazrun Shaikh is making her mark in the country and abroad by working as a better model and is also making others aware about fitness.

How to make yourself fit in a very easy way, with less workout and without any side effects, they have also created some products so that anyone can make their health and body fit. Besides, after gaining information related to body structure and health, he has also created his own fitness product, using which everyone  can make themselves healthy and fit. She has her own brand named HBN Life which works in this direction. Hazrun Shaikh is working collaboratively not only with  Indian but also with foreign companies.

She is also going to launch an app related to fitness soon in which people will be able to get all the information easily. Hazrun Shaikh says that every person is influenced by business and glamor industry and learns from it. Everyone wants to keep themselves and their  surroundings attractive and perfect and we want to support them every moment in this step.


Actress Hazrun Took A Drastic Step And Presented Herself To The World As A Fitness Model, Bikini Model And Artist

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