Actor -Producer Amol Prakash Bavdankar Hindi Debut Movie Fire Of Love-Red To Hit Theatres In January 2024

Renowned Actor  – Producer Amol Prakash Bavdankar gets Best Promising actor -producer award in a  star studded  show, Mumbai Global Awards,which was held at Mukti cultural Hub, Andheri, Amol received award by the hand of  legendary singer Padamshree Udit Narayan. Amol has produced a Marathi film which is ready to be released in 2024 and also he will be seen in  his first film ‘Fire of love ReD’ where in Amol plays a full fledged negative role ! Krushna Abhishek Payal Ghosh Kamlesh Sawant Bharat Dabholkar etc are in the cast of ‘Fire of love RED’ produced by Rajeev Chaudhari Surendra Jagtap and Jagannath Waghmare and directed by Ashok Tyagi.

Fame can be achieved overnight but not true success. It takes months, years and sometimes several years for one to come into limelight for their work. They put in continuous efforts, hard work , stay persistent  and wait for their time to shine. One such name is Amol Prakash Bavdankar who has waited almost 7 years to come in the forefront and shine. With 5 years of theatre experience as an actor he was also passionately involved in the scripting and backstage work to get into the depths of story telling. Amol is a Actor/producer and a businessman with deep love for cinema and that shows in his career graph. When a person is passionate about something and finds his true calling nothing can stop him and sooner or later he will reach where he aspires to.

From theatre love to owning multiple businesses to producing,  Amol  has recently produced a Marathi movie shot in UK which is ready to release and 2 projects are also slated to release next year. This is just the beginning for many more projects  and each one will be more interesting and appealing than the other as Amol and his team are choosing scripts that are bound to make a mark for him and exhibit his finesse as an actor. He is fond of French & Turkish movies and watches movies from all over the country specially South Indian cinema in his free time. He feels their stories are relatable and executed beautifully. Also even when they go with larger than life concepts, they are still make believe and their team work is flawless which ultimately converts beautifully on screen.

Amol is also willing to produce movies in all Indian languages provided the story is heart touching and moves the audience. For now it is time for his much awaited Hindi debut movie Fire of Love-Red to hit theatres on 5th January 2024.


Actor -Producer Amol Prakash Bavdankar Hindi Debut Movie Fire Of Love-Red To Hit Theatres In January 2024


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