A Tale of Grit and Resilience on the Face of Adversity – “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code”

“Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” offers an interesting animation story of Bramble and Briar, who embark on an unknown journey to reunite with their mother. Along the way, they stumble across evil scientists, robotic monsters & a unique mom. The film goes back & forth giving viewers an idea on what happened on that fateful day. The film’s appealing messaging of being always positive and the importance of family bonds & environmental awareness gives it an interesting narrative 

Directed by Yongchan Ling, The movie’s first half is comedic and adventurous as Briar and Bramble pose to be robots and encounter the menacing Scrap Rebel gang, with a maniacal Leonard (Chris Boike) as their leader. Through flashbacks, the narrative’s vibes & then shifts to delicate and emotional moments as the brothers escape to an island with a warrior bear, Urusa (Kally Khourshid), who reminds them of their mother.

The film keeps one guessing. The plot unfolds like a well-wrapped gift, revealing surprises and connections. Some might find it intricate, but others will appreciate the layers woven into the story.

The animation in this movie is like a colorful candy store for your eyes! The forest scenes, the quirky characters, and even the evil robot – everything pops off the screen.

The story unfolds as the narrative weaves across a range of emotions knitting cute moments of laughter & pain amidst its action scenes  From the heartwarming flashbacks of bear brothers to the poignant reunion with their mother the film showcase a raw set of emotions which reflects & bonafides the universal experience of loss and longing.

Ratings : 2.5/5

A Tale of Grit and Resilience on the Face of Adversity –  “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code”

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