Subuhii Joshii lost weight all by herself

Actress Subuhii Joshii has lost 25 kilos in four months! She is down from 80 to 55 kilos. And guess what she has lost all this extra weight with self help. She has planned her own diet and workout charts and followed it diligently. She says,”In the past, I never had the issue of being overweight. Due to some medical conditions like PCOD and also under mental stress and gained weight. I was also under medication so weight loss was not easy. Especially during lockdown, I realised I was continuously eating. Then I realised if I continue like this, I will completely destroy myself. Then I took a call on my own that I should utilize the time in a better way. So the first thing I did was to make a diet chart based on my research. I made a high protein and low carb diet. I have roti and rice only once a week that too on a cheat day. I also started doing yoga and dancing. And everything I have did at home by watching online videos. Apart from this, I started running for an hour every day.” Have you faced any kind of rejection for being overweight? “Yes, I have faced it. My industry attaches a lot of significance to how you look. So I used to get certain kind of roles only. I have seen my share of bad days. The rejection was depressing. But I have also realized one thing people are never happy with you fully. Earlier I would get trolled for being overweight and now people are saying – why have you become so thin. So do not do things for people, just do it for yourself.”
How does it feel getting back to shape? “It feels great. More so because I have done this without anyone’s help or any artificial things. I used to not like myself and now I have fallen in love with me again. I have received so much appreciation and love from my fans and friends. Every day on social media I get many messages enquiring about my diet plan. My old wardrobe is not in use now and I will donate them for a good cause.

And now when the malls are open I have a reason to shop. I have to invest a lot on my wardrobe. My fitness goal is to maintain this workout regime and control my diet. I will skip unhealthy junk stuff. People who would like to lose weight my message to them is before training your body, train your mind. Consistency is the key to lose weight. Get up every morning and go for it – it’s a frustrating process but don’t give up.”

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