Shiv Tandav album launch in rock music format‏

The Rocking Shiv Tandav February 1, 2016 Mumbai: Lord Shiva devotees have one more reason…

The Rocking Shiv Tandav

February 1, 2016 Mumbai: Lord Shiva devotees have one more reason to celebrate – Kangaroo World Entertainment has launched Shiva Tandav Stotram in rock format. The album produced and sung by Shekhar Negi an ardent Shiva devotee; had the who’s who of the music industry attending the launch at Carnival Cinemas, Oshiwara.

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The music director for the album is Surender Bachan who has more than three hundred Punjabi and Hindi songs to his credit. The album is directed by Mehmood Bakshi, who is the action director of around thirty Bollywood movies. Dilip Mistry has choreographed for the album. RJ Anuraag Pandey who is popularly known as ‘Picture Pandey’ was the host for the evening.

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Speaking on the occasion Shekhar Negi said; “A song is the most effective form of verbal communication and music becomes the bridge to touch someone’s heart. The youth and teenagers today do not understand Sanskrit but do love the beats of rock music and love a song and start singing it if the music and beats are good. Shiv Tandav Rock is our attempt to package the original Shiv Tandav Stotram in rock format so that it is loved by today’s generation.” Shekhar sang and enthralled the audiences present at the launch with three songs and awesome dance performance.

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Originally it is believed that the Shiv Tandav Stotram was sung by Ravana – a devotee of Shiva. It describes Lord Shiva’s power and beauty. When Ravana was tired of rampaging across the earth, Ravana returned to Lord Shiva to request moksha, release from the bondage of endless rebirth. Lord Shiva replied that he had granted Ravana the boon of indestructibility. Ravana’s poignant cry in the final quatrain of poetry — “When will I be happy?” is echoed by modern man in his quest for earthly fulfillment and ultimate liberation from its bondage. Shekhar adds, “Shiv Tandav will uplift depressed souls and bless the people with health, peace and prosperity. I have been a Shiva devotee since childhood and visited all the 12 Jyotirlingas at the age of 14 years. Lord Shiva has blessed me with everything. This album Shiv Tandav is my attempt to bring positive changes in the lives of other people also. ”

The music CDs will be soon available at leading stores & online platforms global.