Radha Dubey The Versatile Character Actress To Debut In Bollywood

Radha Dubey hails from Gwalior MP now settled in Mumbai from 2018 has made up her mind to enter Bollywood to fulfil her teenage dream of acting in films, TV Serials and albums.

Radha Dubey the versatile character artsite is best suitable for all matured roles of Doctors, Ladies Police Inspector, College Professor, School Teacher Principal, Young Mom, Advocate etc. Soft Spoken, smiling nature and born artiste is well settled in Mumbai. Her politeness has won the hearts of everyone whom she has  have ever met for acting assignments.


Ardent Fan Of Madhuri Dixit And Rekhaji and respect these stars as her Idol in her life. At Present she is being negociated with many producers and directors for TV Serials, Films, Web Series and Video Albums. Very soon she will be seen in many TV serials.

She is of the opinion she can work for even a small role which can make a lasting impact on the audience.  Listening Music And Cooking different types of Dishes are best pastimes and hobby.

She can be Contact Thru Mobile No 8787034805

Rang De – Where Colours Speak A Grand Event Celebrated on March 16th 2019 – Evershine Club Thakur Village Kandivali East By Maa2Mom And Avsar

It was a great Saturday on 16th March 2019, when ‘Rang De’ was Celebrated entire day organised by Maa2Mom & Avsar many celebrities like Nandita Puri, Anaida Parvaneh, Gurpreet Gurah, Delnaz Balsara & Mehak Mirza Prabhu were guest of honour.

Rang De was a unique Pre Holi Bash, where men, women and children enjoyed the entire day upto late evening. Various types of stall having food variations, cosmetics and handloom products were displayed.

A mind blow stage show was put up by underprivileged kids of Matrabhoomi School supported by NGO Inseed and beautifully choreographed by Ritu Manek and Team


Group dance contests judged by Ritu Manek, Sneha Shah, Vidya Sriram and Akash, power packed Zumba, musical performance by Pamela Jain, Krishna Berua and Sarvpreet Singh created waves, Odyssey dance with Ganesh vandana was mesmerising, highlight was Talaash-A collaboration of story narration by Swaraj Singh, with live flute music by Shushant Singh and painting by Rupesh Sharma. Kids put up an amazing show of Dance and Fashion Show choreographed by Akkash which showed all colours of Rainbow and was applauded a lot by the audience.

This Grand Pre Holi Bash “Rang De” was organized by Jyoti Agrawal founder of Maa2Mom, along with Divya D Solanki & Divya J Solanki of Avsar.

Entire show was beautifully hosted by RJ Rahil Khan of 107.1 FM.

UAE Businessman Sohan Roy’s Aries Group Plans For Billion Dollar Investment In Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals In Kuwait

Kuwait:  Aries Group, one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the Middle East pressing ahead with a  billion dollar  investment plan in Kuwait . Aries Group chairman and CEO Sohan Roy said the investment is planned mainly into Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals.

While talking to the media after a a one day Conference “KUWAIT SYMPOSIUM “held at Jumeriah Messilah Hotel, Kuwait, he said that Kuwait is an investment priority for Aries Group. “There is a lot of growth potential. We are looking at additional investments in Kuwait.

Broadening our horizon for the global Oil & Gas/ Petrochemicals industry, we humbly acknowledge that we are far short of what is desirable,” said Mr Roy, founder chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies.


Aries Marine, the flagship company of the group and the largest ship design and consultancy firm in the Middle East, will increase its market share in marine. The group will also strengthen its operations in various sectors by 2020 and will expand operations to more countries in the coming years.

The one day Conference held at Kuwait witnessed the distribution of IMC Excellence Award and global industry experts participation as speakers, panellists and delegates outlining the key updates about the Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industry.

Aimed at key decision makers and high level policy takers within the Marine/Offshore/Oil & Gas sector, the event took place at a time when there is growing optimism about the future of many sectors of the regional shipping business.

The Conference aimed to focus on key market trends, giving attendees a unique insight into the opportunities that exist. The intention was to leave attendees with much clearer idea about future trade patterns, and market influences, so they are better placed build the foundations for longer term business growth.

In addition to getting vital knowledge on the industry, the conference offered the perfect networking environment to meet, exchange ideas and connect with your industry peers. The event also provided a right platform to network, strike deals, forge relations and take business to next level. This event was intended set a benchmark for future events.

Topics for Press Conference were  Effective adaptability of Oil & Gas companies in Operating Safely in Deep Water, Future challenges of Oil Exploration, Analysis of fluctuating oil Prices and its impact on the Offshore Sector, Improving Capital Efficiency of Major Projects, Safety & Security, Challenges in Oil & Gas Construction and Installation in the region, Offshore Renewable Energy- Prospects in Middle East, Trends, Market Forecast and Future of Worldwide Offshore Oil and Gas Design Issues and Trends for Offshore Service Vessels, Efficiency improvement in Services to Offshore – Innovations and Developments, Pipelines/Moorings: Design and Construction, Life Extension issues of Offshore Assets, Asset Integrity Managements, Rules And Regulation , Classification Society Focus, Global Oil Price Analysis: What is the Impact?, Advanced Designs, Technologies and Innovations in Floating Technology, Asset Integrity & Offshore Decommissioning.

The Biggest Platform Of Struggling Actors India’s Upcoming Superstars

संघर्षशील कलाकारों का सबसे बड़ा मंच “इंडियाज अपकमिंग सुपरस्टार”

सपना देखना जितना आसान है उसे पूरा करना उतना ही मुश्किल होता है,लेकिन जी-तोड़ मेहनत और अपने आप पर पूरा भरोसा करने वालों के लिए कुछ भी असंभव नहीं होता आज के युवा वर्ग काफी मेहनती है,उनमें प्रतिभा की कोई कमी नहीं है सिर्फ जरूरत है उन्हें एक बड़ा मंच का जहां वह अपनी प्रतिभा से दुनिया को रूबरू करवा सके,ये कहना है महेश्वर फिल्म्स इंटरनेशनल व एम.एफ.आई फिल्म एंड टीवी इंस्टीट्यूट के निर्देशक मनोज महेश्वर का मौका था उनके प्रोडक्शन हाउस महेश्वर फिल्मस इंटरनेशनल व जी म्यूजिक द्वारा संयुक्त म्यूजिक रिलीज इवेंट का,”संदेश” नाम के इस म्यूजिक वीडियो से अंशुल चक्रवर्ती व रशियन मॉडल ओकसाना बॉलीवुड में एंट्री करने जा रहे हैं,जो एम.एफ.आई फिल्म एंड टीवी  इंस्टीट्यूट से पास आउट है l


मनोज ने बताया कि हमारी कोशिश रहती है कि फिल्म जगत में संघर्षशील युवाओं को ज्यादा से ज्यादा काम मिले इस क्रम में हमारी  प्रोडक्शन  हाउस महेश्वर फिल्म्स इंटरनेशनल इंटरनेशनल “इंडियाज अपकमिंग सुपरस्टार” नाम से पूरे भारतवर्ष में एक ऐसा शो का करवाने जा रही है जिसमें भारत के हर एक कस्बे के प्रतिभाशाली व्यक्ति को एक मंच मिलेगा जिसमें वो अभिनय,गायन,नृत्य जैसी अपनी कला कौशल से दुनिया को अवगत करा सके,इसे टीवी चैनल पर भी प्रसारित किया जाएगा, साथ ही इसमें  उत्तीर्ण प्रतिभागी को महेश्वर फिल्म्स इंटरनेशनल की आगामी फिल्म में मुख्य कलाकार के रूप में मौका भी दिया जाएगा और उन प्रतिभाशाली कलाकारों को बॉलीवुड के नामचीन कलाकारों के साथ स्क्रीन शेयर करने का अवसर भी दिया जाएगा l

ज्ञात हो कि मनोज महेश्वर हिंदी व क्षेत्रीय फिल्म जगत का परिचित नाम है जिन्होंने बतौर निर्माता व अभिनेता 12 से ज्यादा फिल्मों में अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज करा चुके हैं,जिसमें हालिया रिलीज फिल्म “टुडजे लास्ट नाइट” व क्षेत्रीय फिल्म “कलयुग के भाई  होला अईसन”, “जिद्दी-आशिक”,”जान तेरे लिए” प्रमुख हैं l

Gorgeous Munmun Dutta (Babita Ji) Launched DHANRAJ JEWELLERS In Sagwara – Rajasthan

Spearheaded by Vaibhav Gowadia (Managing Director – DHANRAJ JEWELLERS)

Opp Panchayat Samiti , Gamothwara Road, Sagwara,  Rajasthan. Time on all days – 10 AM to 8 PM

Sagwara, : Dhanraj Jewellers, a brand that embodies trust celebrated the launch of their first flagship store in Sagwara, the gorgeous actress Munmun Dutta Dhanraj Jewellers jewellery showroom in Sagwara (Rajasthan) today. Dhanraj Jewellers focusses on trust and authenticity over the years in Sagwara.

Highlighting launch Vaibhav Gowadia, Pavan Gowadia MD & Chairman, Dhanraj Jewellerssaid, “We are delighted to have Munmun Dutta at our launch event and we take pride in our craftsmanship and enhanced the authenticity of our products to our valued customer.  Our vision of being a family jeweller not just for Sagwara, Rajasthan but for the country will be possible with the support of our loyal and prospect customers, we believe that while the place will leave a pleasant and long lasting impression to all its visitors, it should also appeal to a broader canvas of customers ranging from the local to the international”.


Dhanraj Jewellers is a new range of exquisite gold jewellery. The USP of the brand is its unbelievable designs encompass all types of traditional and contemporary categories.

Speaking about the jewellery, Munmun Dutta said, “The jewellery from Dhanraj Jewellers is really amazing. I love the way the designs are rooted in tradition and yet have a contemporary styling. Even younger people will appreciate these exquisite creations.” 

Actress wow fans on the occasion who were present in large numbers during the launch.

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